July 6

Letting go of the OUTCOME


Letting go of the OUTCOME.

If you are not attached to the outcome you are more likely to get it.

The truth is: When you are soooo attached to the outcome that you are already needy, when you want it soooo bad that you can’t think of anything else, you are not getting the whole picture.

You limit yourself and your abilities because you can’t see straight and you just miss on opportunities, on being in flow and on letting it be easy.

I have learned myself and seen it over and over again with my clients, as soon as you commit and decide BUT let go of the outcome you are more likely to get it. You can be in FLOW and you can decide to have a certain outcome and then you set your intention on the desired outcome OR better. You are giving the universe a chance.

When I think about this topic of letting go of the outcome, the little trapped monkey comes to mind. You know monkeys are caught by placing a treat into a hole where the little monkey fingers can go trough but when he grabs the treat and has it in his fist than he can’t get his hand out of the hole and is stuck and can’t free himself. He is not able to let go which causes his death at the end.

I find this analogy very powerful of what happens when you can’t let go. You will be trapped and you will not get what you want. Being dramatic we could say it is causing your death since you never will have what you want and will end up missing your life….But that is not how it needs to be.

Make sure you align yourself. Ask yourself each and every day where you want to be, how you want to be, who you want to be. And then make new decisions. Decisions with “this or better attitude” attached.

By doing exactly this, asking for what you want but also allowing BETTER into your life, the universe will be able to support you more. Your brain will not spin around your outcome and purely focus on it. You will be open to receive even better than what you have asked for.

Sounds too easy?

Well, try it!
Give it some time to change your behavioral patterns. Each time you make a decision say and believe:
Well, this outcome or BETTER for my higher good and the good of others. And then?



Don’t hold on!

Let it flow! Observe, do the work, let it flow and trust.

Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!


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