September 10

Keeping Your Energy


To be able to keep your energy and high vibes, I have found for myself that I have to pay attention to what I am doing, where I spend my time, the sorts of conversations I have and where I allow my thoughts to go.


With too much distraction you just scatter your energy in so many different directions.


To get things done that support you, you NEED focus, drive and the wonderful feeling of accomplishment or completion.


And an accomplishment can be so many things, like getting something done, finishing a task or just having a day off for yourself, getting a massage, having a laugh with a dear friend, feeling great.


So often we only see the big stuff and forget about all the little things that help us on our way, that help us grow and progress.


So I would like to invite you to have a look at where you spend your time and energy.


What do you really want and what do you actually do to get it?


Where do you do things to be busy but not effective?


I am sure we have all done it.


Instead of learning for a test; you decide to clean up your room or do the dishes or do the grocery shopping right now….


Energy goes where focus flows.


And the reward for getting to your dreams is awesome.


I still learn this when I practise mindfulness each day.


Today I can observe where I am wasting time and energy and where I can course correct.


I would love for you to do the same, observe and course correct so that you reach your goals at a faster pace.





In case you are looking for a course correction here are some FREE resources from several experts.

Grab them while you can:

Also, come and join an amazing summit starting next week!

Starting September 12th.
I am super excited about the mission of this summit and so proud and HONORED to be a contributing speaker!!!



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