May 25

Is Your Work Honoured by Your Mentors?


Hi Gorgeous,

I hope you are feeling amazing. I am still flying. And I love to share the experience with you.
Last week I had the big honor to speak on stage at my mentor’s event.

If you don’t know Lisa Sasevich, the Queen of Sales Conversion is one of my incredible mentors. In the last 1.5 years working with her I was so able to level up, to create my dream and to let go of my 9 to 5 job, which was really a 6 to 8 job, since I had 4 hours of commute each day.

Freedom is one of my biggest values. Creating my life on my own terms, going with the flow, allowing my heart to sing, is what I truly desire.

How about you?
Do you have clarity?
Do you know what is important to you?
What makes you thrive, what makes you go ALL in?

I have gotten that clarity form working with Lisa and her Team and the wonderful community I am part of.
And my work was honoured at Lisa’s Speak to Sell event last week with an invitation to her stage sharing my growth journey with over 350 amazing people.Also sharing the stage with her, the amazing Lisa Cherney, John Lee Dumas as well as people who have been an inspiration to me like Jonathan Christian, Paula Rizzo Berman, Kathryn Calhoun,

To be honest Gorgeous, I was kinda nervous to share my story.
Do you know why?

My speaking gig was set up for 3 minutes. So what do you say to people in 3 minutes? What is important for them to know to be inspired?

So I wrote my speech and I practiced a bit for myself and then a very interesting thing happened and I love to share this with you. So you can check into your story and see where your emotions are coming from.

I practised my speech with a friend Brigette Callahan. She is an amazing mentor for speakers and helps people with beautiful slides for their presentations. When practising with her and saying my words out loud while looking into her eyes I became super emotional….

Not knowing where all of a sudden my tears where coming from and why my voice was fading and for a moment some panic crept up. I did not want to be up on stage in tears, I wanted to have a voice! I wanted to be the inspiration. I knew I wanted to support people in the best way possible.

Do you know what I discovered?
I became so freaking emotional because I saw myself in the situation that I had left behind me.
I saw myself as a “victim” of circumstances. That was quite an aha-moment for me!
How could that happen that all of a sudden I felt so much pain because I had been in a situation for way too long. I loved the old job but did not like the circumstances, did not like the negativity that I was surrounded with. I did not like not having a strong mentor and person to look up to and grow with.

Isn’t that interesting!
When I saw this picture of myself suffering and waiting to take the right steps I became super emotional but it had nothing to do with the story I wanted to share with the audience. My focus was on inspiration and motivation, so others could take their steps.

Do you have moments where you fall into that “self-pity trap”?

Here is a few things I did that will help you:
I invited the feeling in, I felt it and then I CHOOSE that it was over and I was done! Simple as that.

Once I step onto that stage I felt so confident and I freaking rocked my 3 minute talk.
Today, my vision has become so much clearer than ever before!
Empowering people is my gig, it is my passion, it’s what I love and what I want to do. I choose sales as a vehicle for this.

What are you choosing?
What do you want to do?
What do you want your life to be about?
What gifts do you want to bring into the world?
How long will you wait to unleash your power?

Stop JUST dreaming. Act NOW!


PS: The Sales Mentality Makeover Masterclass is for you if you want to bring your gifts into the world.
Check it out here:
28 amazing experts sharing their wisdom with you to learn spiritual and practical steps to increase your sales and create true wealth without losing your authenticity.

If you already know you are ready to go full in and play full out: Get the VIP Package!

I created this VIP Package the way I would love to buy it when I attend a summit. It has not only the recordings but also the audios, cliff notes, a powerful meditation, one month free membership in my Sales Success Circle but also 1 call with me in person. Where you can dive into my energy and vibe and I support you in finding your next best move. 

Here is what people say:

“Yeah these are all really new concepts for me and really thought provocative. Day one I knew the VIP package was a screaming deal. I’ll be circulating these videos in my morning rituals.”

Have invested in the VIP package.
A while ago, I realized that when I listened to interviews several times with different people, I would pick up different bits of wisdom.
This has helped me to look at my business from different perspectives.
With what I do, I tend to do a lot of traveling and regularly listen several times to the same interviews.
And this has definitely up-leveled my sales mindset, which has helped me to see the potential in what other people are doing even more quickly.
A great choice of speakers! Christine Schlonski thank you for bringing all the speakers together.


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