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Sometimes it only needs one word, one thought and you can be on FIRE.


Choosing to inspire and to be inspired is a decision. A decision you take.
We always decide, even when we think we don’t. Not making a decision is a decision.
Making a conscious decision is the best we can do.


Don’t get me wrong, only because we decide does not mean that it was the right decision.
But deciding is energy. Deciding puts you in a position of strength.


Deciding to be inspired no matter what, is energy.
Deciding to inspire is energy.

Going for your dreams is energy! Often the things that set us back are there to teach us, to show us what is possible and what isn’t. They are there to inspire us.
We might not welcome them in that moment of the set back, but often looking back the “bad” thing was the “good” thing.


When you dare to inspire and to uplift yourself and others you will start living a different life.
I have met quite a few people who suffer of un-fulfillment because they are too afraid to live a life of their dreams, they are too afraid to step out of their comfort zone. They will settle for less to be on the safe site.


Did you know that most of our fears are an illusion. That the stories you are telling yourself are NOT true?


I know your stories are convenient and they totally make sense BUT you are only “protecting” yourself from the unknown, from the fear to move forward. You rather go with what you know, even though you might not like it or enjoy it, but at least you KNOW it.


Inspiration leads you to different places. When you start following your heart and allow inspiration to be part of your life you will change your life. You might change the environment you are in, your job, the people….. whatever it will be. You don’t know what will happen when you are setting out on taking inspired action.


I believe that each and every one of us has a gift. Your job actually is to discover that gift and then to give it to the world. To show up! To inspire! To have fun and to live!


Live is too short, don’t waste your gift by not using them and die with the music inside of you.


If you are scared, that is totally fine. I hear you. Fear will go away with action. With inspired action.
You will gain confidence on your way. You will gather feedback on your way. Make sure you listen to the best voices. The voices who are NOT afraid, the voices who do not put their fear on you so they are not so lonely.


Feel into what is lifting you up. When you are in a state of inspiration, you can inspire!
Pay attention to your state.
Make sure you create your life and you live to your rules and values and to what you believe is true.


When I started my self-development path, I didn’t know that I was not the only one. I didn’t know there were so many great and amazing teachers and mentors. I didn’t know there were so many people who are where I wanted to be. I just didn’t KNOW!


So my learning curve started and with my learning, my confidence increase. Confidence I felt from within because my heart told me I was on a my path and I saw more and more people creating and achieving what the wanted. There was just not one. One leaded to another one and another one and another…. all of sudden it seemed that people creating their lives outnumbered those I knew personally who did not.


I was inspired. And I decided to TAKE massive and inspired action.


In case you are having any doubts: Just start your journey! You can always go back to your comfort zone if you wanted to, but without a start you will NEVER find out!



Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!


Christine Schlonski


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If you want to dive in deeper, let me know by sending me a PM. I am happy to explore with you how I can support your journey as a heart-centered, driven entrepreneur, coach, leader or creative.


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