August 22

Inner Strength Baby!


Inner Strength Baby.


Did you know that you are incredibly POWERFUL and STRONG?
You have it ALL within you!
Each and every person is strong beyond imagination.


The strength and power come from the decision of who you want to be.
Of the person you want to become AND the person that you want to show up as.


We all have our fears, doubts, limiting believes ONLY to work through them only to come out strong on the other side.


You are so strong and beautiful!
You can have it ALL!
I mean ALL!
It is only a decision away.
You only need to decide to step into your power and to stay in your power and to grow in your power – NO MATTER what!


At the beginning you might feel unsure.
You might feel “who am I to do that or to be that person”.


And that is totally OK.
I felt this way when I started, when I had decided to Step-Up and to step into my power and follow my heart.


I was freaking scared BUT I was also freaking committed.


I could feel the power deep in my gut.
I could feel that I needed to release, that I need to step into that power, that I need to leave the regular path of what everybody else around me was doing at the time, way back when….
I felt I was born for more! The way I was living couldn’t be it, right? There had to be more!
I felt there was more to life than just exist from paycheck to paycheck and relax in the evenings by watching TV, reading a novel or going out with friends to only talk about my work and their work.


I knew I wanted to go deep.
I knew I wanted deeper connections, deeper conversations, deeper feelings, I wanted to do something and be someone how just radiated, who just shines all day long with joy and joie de vivre, who is strong beyond imagination and who allowed herself to live her truth, to speak her truth and who remembered who she really was inside and what she came here for.


Now that may sound all a bit “woowoo” to you and believe me, when I started my journey I felt so too. But with each “woowoo” person I met, I received some kind of message and deep inside of me, when my ego and reason told me: Well that can’t be. That does not make any sense…….


Deep down I felt:
But what if it was true?
What if there is more?
What if I can’t see with my eyes and senses?
What if I can only see with my heart? ….


And yes, years ago I found a book called the Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
I LOVED this book.
I loved the messages in the book.
I loved the images in the book.
It spoke to my HEART.
It spoke to my SOUL.


When you are in France for longer than a vacation you will fall over this book. So when I spent a year in Paris I feel over that book.


What if:
“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” says the little Prince.


So here I am years later and I know now that: I can only see with my heart.


I can have it all when I see with my heart. When I dive in, when I tune into my heart. When I listen to my heart BECAUSE it is all inside of me, already!


It is only waiting to be discovered and to be unleashed.


And so it is with EACH of us!


You decide when you want to see it, that you want to feel it.
You decide to turn away from all the noise and distractions around you and you start listening with and to your heart.


At the beginning it might only be a whisper but keep at it.


The voice becomes stronger and stronger, you will start to attract the right people in your live and sometimes you do not need words at all.


Sometime so only connect from heart to heart by looking into someone’s eyes to know!
To know everything! To feel!
And I do not mean a romantic relationship. I just mean another person who you connect with on a soul level. Who mirrors you and you mirror them. Where you see you in the other person and the potential and where you know: WE ARE ALL ONE!


So Gorgeous, you are so STRONG. You are POWERFUL! Go for it! Tune in! Listen! Listen to your heart. Your heart knows what you might have forgotten or what you might be too scared to see.


Go for your dreams!


Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!


Christine Schlonski


If you think I would be a great mentor and mirror for you, let’s talk!
I have the opportunity for 1:1 Gorgeous, dive in deep. YOU and ME!
Get results, get into your purpose, into your light, into your POWER and stay there!
Here is how it works:
Send me a PM and we connect and have a Discovery session. In that session I will help you to create an action plan and show you what we could create together if you would be working together. You decide but either way, you will have something on hand to go for your dreams and to Stop JUST dreaming and act NOW!


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