July 31

The importance of showing up every day!


The importance of showing up every day!

You know today is a day where I really struggle to come up with a topic for my blog. Where I did not really feel like journaling. And here I am doing it anyways.


Well I decided and I committed month ago. And I know it will be good. Good for me and good for you. I know that the more I’ll write the easier it will be and eventually I might get the spark / the idea to write about.

So I guess for today it is commitment!

Have you decided and committed yet?

Have you decided to become your next best version and do you do what it takes to get to this goal?

Maybe you have decided to be the best in your field, your job, your expertise? Maybe you have decided to be the best mom for your kids or the best for you dogs or cats. Maybe you have decided to be the best wife or husband. Maybe you have decided to have fun in your life and to be open to the world….

Have you made those decisions?

You know even if you do not have a clue of how to get there, the DECISION itself is important.

It will carry a special energy within that will support you to take action and things will align, things and people will show up.

What you focus on expands.

So when you decide and than take massive and inspired action you will feel momentum. Feeling momentum is a wonderful thing, it will show you that you will be breaking through if you keep going. It will give you a taste to what is possible for you. To what you can achieve, even though you never thought you can. You will grow with each step.

Your steps will lead you, show you the way.

You will become more confident, more knowing and stronger.

So decide that you can do anything you want to do!

Even if you do not have a clue on HOW!

Don’t worry about the HOW, trust that it will show up. Trust that you can learn! Trust that you will receive guidance. Just TURST! Have FAITH!

Remember: Do the most important things first. The things that are nonnegotiable for you.

For me this is in the morning journaling and than right after that to write my blog plus to do one sales activity so I can share my gift to the world. That can be a call to action to buy something from me, like an online-program, a workshop, a VIP-Day, my 90 Day group coaching program or my high end 1:1 coaching yearly mastermind Lead with LOVE. I always have a PS at the end where you get the information and inspiration on how I can support you.

This way the biggest task of the day is done! No excuse! DONE!

And I can be proud of myself. Because now I have the rest of the day to go about all the other tasks.

In the evening show up for you via a FB Live to share more content. And it is so much fun to have these daily interactions with you.

It’s only me an ordinary person influencing the world, trying to make it better and having lots of fun along the way. If you want to be a leader, an influencer, an expert in your filed you HAVE to SHOW people what you are standing for. They need to see you, they need to feel you, they need to get you.

What are you up to?

Do you want to have your thriving biz?

Do you want to be the best at your job?

Do you want to give back to your community?

What is it that your heart desires?

Whatever it it: the first step is SHOW-UP!

Show-up every single day!

Show you and the universe you mean business! You are in it for the long run! No joking! You are just in. And the universe will find ways to support you.

So Gorgeous, what does it take for you to show-up?

Got it?


If yes, put it into baby steps. One step each and every day. You will feel the momentum after while. You will become stronger each and every day. You will grow and then all of a sudden:

You will have reached your goals!

Take on the challenge! Go for your dreams. Stop to only dream about them.

Take action. Take inspired action and act from a place of love.

Because love it the only thing you can share as often as you want and it will never ever get smaller it will only GROW!

See what magic happen when you take action. One of my clients @LilianaRogers ( The Queen of F.U.N. Free U NOW ) was afraid of heights but wanted to skydive. Now she was already brave in taking all the actions steps before working with me. She already had momentum.




choose a place to do it,

bought the ticket,

had a date and a time in place,

worked with me the day before and an hour before she did it,

AND talked me in on jumping as well, which added an amazing experience to my life. (Therefore she is The Queen of F.U.N. Free U NOW, she shows woman how to integrate more fun in their lives and how to actually enjoy life.)

Watch here video. And feel the excitement that you get after making your dream come true! Now, please don’t wait 25 years with making your dream come true.

Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!



PS: Join my group for more amazing stuff!



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