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I used to choke when making my offer


I used to choke when making my offer

Hi Gorgeous,

When I started my sales career in 2006 in selling High-Ticket events over the phone, I used to choke each time I made my offer. My body temperature would rise, I would feel a bit anxious and overwhelmed to say the high-ticket investment. I was afraid that the other person might just hang up, laugh at me, or get angry that I wasted their time and I was worried to be rejected.

Maybe you can relate?

It took me quite some time, an enormous amount of will and the strong desire to succeed to get over the first hurdles.

I really had to shift my mindset when I made my 70.000€ offers. I had to wrap my head around the fact that 70K was a lot of money for me but maybe not for the client and that without asking I would never know.
I had to overcome that insecurity and I had to find a way to make my offers with confidence.

Because only when I was able to back my offer up with every cell in my body the person on the phone could take me seriously.
Because if I did not believe in my offer how could they?

What really helped me believe it was possible was simply looking around in the office and seeing my colleagues closing deals left and right. Hearing client success stories and getting all my questions answered.
The possibilities seemed endless and it really got me excited. I figured if they can do it so can I.

Also, it dawned on me that I had to view my work in a different way.

☀️That I was not someone who wanted something but someone who offered amazing value to the person I called.
☀️That the investment I ask was a lot of money for me but not necessarily for the person I made the offer to and it was not my place to judge.
☀️That some reactions I got were to test my integrity and authenticity by the CEO, GM or Company Owner and that I had to stand the test.

Over time I was amazed at how my fear turned into excitement, how my confidence level grew and I started to feel empowered and proud of myself.

And “one day” I woke up and I was that colleague that the new team members looked up to. I was the person giving the advice, giving the training, the strategies, and tools for them to step up. I was the person ask to train other offices around the world and share my knowledge.

I trained dozens of people over the years and it was interesting to see that they all seem to struggle with the same things.
They wanted to be proud of what the did. The wanted to feel accomplished, successful, empowered and yet fear was holding them back. They were scared just like I was when I started out.

We all have the fear of rejection. We all want to be loved and liked and appreciated.
I know that you are out there with amazing gifts. And I know that when you hold yourself back you will not serve the people who need your services.

Here is what one of my wonderful and former clients says:
“Working with Christine Schlonski was an outstanding experience. [….] What was remarkable were her sales skills. As a General Manager and Partner of the ConMoto Consulting Group, I see myself as a strong sales person. With her I never felt she was selling to me and yet I have invested a very high six-figure Euro amount in the company she worked for over the past 4 years.
Sales conversations with Christine never felt like sales conversations but more like fun conversations that added value to us. She is really good at creating relationships, caring for her clients, making introductions, negotiating and making the sale. She managed to create win-win situations no matter how difficult the situation was. […]”
(Dr.-Ing. Marc A. Heinisch, Managing Senior Partner ConMoto Consulting Group GmbH)

It is time for you to step up!
To shine bright and to give more of your gifts to the world.

To support you on your journey I am running a 7 Day FREE Challenge: Ask for the Sales with Confidence.
I will support you over 7 Days, share some powerful tools with you, create some tasks for you to put into action so you can ask for the sale with confidence and practice, you can be more empowered and you can feel proud and accomplished.

If this sounds good to you and feels aligned, click this link www.christineschlonski.com/challenge and sign up right now.

It will take you to my page with a short video and some more details and you can register here. After you registered you will receive an email to confirm your address and reserve your spot.

Make sure you confirm your email so we can send you the link to the closed Facebook Group where already 444 amazing heart-centered entrepreneurs are waiting for you to join and I have a really cool gift for you as well.

So Gorgeous,
Stop JUST dreaming. Act NOW! And make 2019 an EPIC year!

PS: Please feel free to share this post / the Challenge with your friends and business partners. I am not sure if and when I run it again so you want to get the tools and strategies now to strengthen you in your sales game. Remember: one client can make the whole difference in your business and you never know when this opportunity presents itself. Best would be to be prepared
Join the Free Challenge here: www.christineschlonski.com/challenge.


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