August 19

I Choose To…..


I choose to:


If you want to take your life to your next level: CHOOSE!


I just did a very powerful journaling exercise and wrote out 5 pages with:
I choose to …….


Try it. It is amazing. It will set you up and give you a different state and energy.


I hope you are aware that you can choose. Always!
You can choose your thoughts and therefore your feelings and with choosing your feelings you choose your actions and therefore your outcomes.


If you choose a positive spiral you will go up and up and up.


But be careful in choosing your words!


Right now I see all over Facebook:
I am against hate….
by wording it like this your focus is on hate and what you will call in is more hate.
Because where focus goes, energy flows.


So pay attention and re-word.
How about:
I am for LOVE. I am for connection. I am for understanding. I am for tolerance….
I am LOVE.
Where is love there is no hate…. Right?


So here are some of “my choose to” to give you some ideas because you can choose anything and everything in your life!


You can have it all and therefore you need to choose that, if you want that.


I choose to be grateful.
I choose to be happy.
I choose to love what I do.
I choose to choose all the time what feels best.
I choose to be energized.
I choose to be love.
I choose to listen.
I choose to be healthy.
I choose to have amazing soulmate clients.
I choose to be fulfilled.
I choose to be amazing.
I choose to listen.
I choose to be a great communicator.
I choose to be empowered.
I choose to empower.
I choose to inspire.
I choose to be inspired.
I choose to have a wonderful and deep relationship to my husband.
I choose to feel inner peace.
I choose to believe that I can have it all.
I choose to create my life.
I choose to meet the right people at the right time.
I choose to have great mentors in my life.
I choose to be the greatest mentor and coach for my clients.
I choose to give.
I choose to receive with ease and grace.
I choose to love.
I choose to pay attention.
I choose to protect and maintain. (relationships, nature…)
I choose to…….


Get out your journal and choose Gorgeous!
Chose a life you want!


Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!




PS: In case this resonates with you and you might think I am the perfect mentor for you, I would be happy to have a chat….. I am taking two Soulmate clients on board for 1:1 mentoring now.
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