November 20

Hurt people hurt people, Happy people make people happy


Hurt people, Hurt people
Happy People MAKE People Happy

Hi Gorgeous,

Did you notice that when you are happy you tend to make other people happy? When you are in a great mood and feel on top of the world, you are so much more relaxed, open and giving.

Do you know that you can create this state? Do you know that you do not depend on your feelings, that you can actually choose?

I think knowing this fact gives you a very valuable and powerful tool.

In the beginning, it might not be possible to actually change or influence all your emotions. It takes some practice and time to get there.

You can help yourself to feel awesome by making HELL YES decisions. And you can learn to say NO to things that don’t serve you. Things that take your time and energy.

If you start following your heart you will notice over time that things line up for you, that one HELL YES decision leads to the next.

That you really get momentum in creating your world, your life.
This is actually where the fun part starts.

Once you understand that things are not done to you but that you create them. For me in my life one extremely valuable skill was to learn how to sell and once I understood that: I was able to do it MY WAY, I was able to sell with and from the heart.

Over a period of time, any skill you learn, you can master it over time and put something of yourself into what you do. Then the way you do things are your way. You are taking ownership of what you choose to do.

I love to see people who have grown out of the beginner phase, out of the phase where they worry about the “technical stuff” and where they are able to create and to put their heart and soul into what they do.

You see it everywhere when you start paying attention. You see it when people dance, make music, perform, cook when they speak a foreign language,…

The better you become at what you love to do, that more fun you have.
The more fun you have, the more you enjoy it.
The more you enjoy it, the more fulfilled you are.
The more fulfilled you are the happier you are.
AND when you are happy, you make other people happy, because this is just what happens.


Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!



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