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How to get what you want


How to get what you want.

NOW, you have gotten that clarity. You know what you want. You have written it down and you have been precise, so that the universe can not fill in the blanks.


And now what?


Telling all your friends? Waiting? Sitting on the couch and hoping? Going on a trip to find that it was delivered when you come back?


Well, these are all not the perfect strategies 😉 and yet so many people believe that this is enough to do!


The next step it taking action! – Not any kind action- NO- aligned and inspired action. Ask yourself:


What can I do right now to get closer to my dream?
Which person do I need to become to live my dream?


Sometimes these are just small things, like doing some research, calling someone, asking for support.


I found that a very powerful question is actually to ask yourself how this person living your dream would be.


How would they act?
What would they think?
What would they do?
How would they live?
How would they show up?
How would the dress?
With what kind of people would they hang out with?
How would they talk?
What would they say?
What kind of believes would they hold?


Take your journal and describe this person living your dream. Get a really, REALLY clear picture.
(By the way, this really works well, if you are looking for a new relationship- who do you need to be to attract the man or woman of your dreams….. – just saying 😉 )


So when you have this really clear picture you need to step IN!
Imaging yourself as often as you can being this person. Holding this space. Being in that energy. Doing the things required and THEN,


YOU TAKE ONE STEP AT THE TIME, one step is enough.


BUT you need to keep going no matter if times are good or bad. You need to remember who you want to become and show up as this person.


Enjoy the process. Let me know how it works. Have fun on your way. Life is about having fun. Make it easy and enjoyable.



Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!




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