You find yourself receiving more of what you DON’T want rather than what you ACTUALLY WANT? The same pattern keeps on popping up… And you’re getting the same thing over, over AND over again – just in different ways.

What is the one THING you want more of?

Hi Gorgeous,

What is your answer?

Did you say MONEY? Well, money is an important thing to have and it is a byproduct of you creating, impacting and giving from being in service. Money is a tool, resource and sometimes money can really create even more drama in our lives by magnifying our beliefs. So, limiting beliefs about MONEY is amplified.

Don’t you think it’s time to throw your money beliefs overboard, create new beliefs and CHOOSE to have as much money as you dream of?

You are heart-centered, soul-driven coach, healer and creative. You do GIVE BACK through your words, wisdom and voice though you are STILL looking for MORE ways to make the world a better place for all. You are looking for peace and harmony.
So don’t worry that when you receive a lot of money that you will become a “bad and greedy” person. That is not in your DNA.
Go for as much as you can in a good way.
Since Money is only energy you need to become vibrational match for money.

You have it already inside of you.

See it in your mind’s eye, then you can manifest it, proclaim it. You are ready for wealth, you are born ready. So, don’t you see you are ALREADY wealthy – Money will come with more ease.
And what do you want to do with money anyway?

Travel the world?
Buy a nice house?
Get a beautiful car?
Pay for your children’s education?
Enjoy a certain lifestyle?
Feeling safe and secure?
Giving back?


Let go of the outcome. Don’t be attached! You are already wealthy from the inside with or without the money….

Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!

Christine Schlonski

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