August 10

Here we go again….


Here we go again.

I can’t believe that I allowed this to happen! Grrrrr to myself!

You know I had such a great idea about the post I wanted to write today, I wanted to unleash and to let out.




I did not act upon it right away. I told myself that I will remember and that I will journal first.

So now I am done with my MINDSET work AND I have not the slightest idea anymore what the topic was that came to me about an hour ago.


Well, I guess I keep moving. But isn’t it funny that recently I was writing about taking action on ideas immediately and today I failed.


I failed again!


I only remember that I thought the idea was brilliant. 🙂 and after that BLANK…


Oh man! I guess that is life! I guess this is what makes us human! And maybe, just maybe the idea was not for today?


Well, I will not find out now. And I will not beat myself up mentally. It is done. It is over! Looks like I missed that opportunity.


So here is what I decide in these kind of situations:


I stay calm.

I observe.

I take a deep breath.

I accept the fact that I have failed. (failed again)

I decide not to have my head spinning and telling me all the what if….stories.

I come up with something new.

I think about it and I start thinking: Well maybe this is even better! Maybe this is on the agenda for today!

I try to see the situation as a lesson. Something I need to learn: Something like go with the flow even more! Go even more with being in the moment! Go even more with my gut and with taking action on something IMMEDIATELY.

I need to be faster.

I need to trust more in my abilities, in my ideas.

I know there is always a lesson and

I am where I need to be at this moment in time.

So I can let go!


You and me, we do not miss anything. Another great idea will come. Maybe even now or in 5 minutes or tomorrow…or whenever.


The key is to stay open with your heart and your mind.

The key is to be in alignment.


The key is actually LOVE!


Big word, right?


Coming from a place of LOVE is key to everything and anything.



it starts with you!


It starts with you being able to love yourself.

It starts with you to accept yourself.

It starts with you to figure out what you want, how you want it, when you want it, with whom you want it and how often you want it!

Knowing and accepting your desires and dreams in all areas of your life!


Bundling that energy that comes from within. Accepting that inner knowing and finally stopping to be so darn afraid of who you are and your desires.


You need to dig deeper! Go to these places.

Ask your soul!


If you are aligned, magic will happen!


And you know what, while writing this…. I feel you’d love a workshop! I feel I need to share what I have learned and mastered, what took me to my next level, what made me happier, more fulfilled, made me earning more money and doing more great things in my life. I feel like I need to share with you the steps you need to take to transform. To leave this fearful place and to go out and shine!


Shine your light, bring your gifts to the world.




Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!





  1. So here we go:


Workshop will be on: 2nd of September at 7PM CET, 10AM PST, 1PM EST.


You and ME Gorgeous, diving in deep.

Diving in deep into your fears and limiting beliefs. Looking at your mindset which obviously influences EVERYTHING and ANYTHING in your live.

Checking on how you can change this.

How to work with yourself to get that transformation.

This will be absolutely amazing and I have so much to give. So much to share.


This hour will be packet and also interactive. We have a Q and A at the end so you have a plan, your next best move, a strategy in place that you can work with.


I know Gorgeous, you are hiding!

I see that! I feel that! My intuition tells me!


And that is fine! I was hiding for years! I was afraid to step up! Afraid of being judged and I have overcome that. I am so much stronger today.


I know what it takes and I would be so honored to teach you! To see you grow! To see you shine!

I would just LOVE that for you. Because I know the HUGE transformation I have been through.


So to serve you better, I made that a no- brainer.


Come and join!

Come an play!

Come and learn!

Come and have fun!

Come and hang out with me.

Life will never be the same!


Join Me in  Self Love Workshop


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