September 2

Having Faith


When we set out for something new, we have this excitement at the beginning, this energy, this love for the new project. We think about the new project all the time, we are creative, we have the drive and the wish that all works out just fine.


And we might get there. If we have faith and take aligned action we get there.
I found that the longer I can hold that space that something is possible, the higher the chances that it works out. If I really, really see it, feel it, believe that it happens – it will. Sometimes not exactly in the way I thought but even better. So I always hold the space for this- or better.


Sometimes though we lose momentum on the way and all of a sudden it feels like we are losing it, like everything around us is crashing down. We feel bad, we feel heavy, we feel helpless and fear creeps in, fear that we might not be worthy of achieving a certain goal anyway, fear that we ask for too much, fear that we can’t have it.


And then we start self-sabotage. We start with asking ourselves-
What do I do wrong?
Why am I losing everything
Why is it not working anymore?
What is going on that I can’t get there?
…. and we go on and on with this very negative talk, not realizing that it might only be a short and temporarily thing and if we can change our self-talk and get back into alignment things go back to working out just fine. Energy aligns and the universe supplies.


So when you get into such a situation why don’t you change your self-talk?
Change it like this:


Mhhh interesting, looks like I need more momentum. I know that I can have what I want. I 100% believe this and I am willing to hold the space, to stay in that high energy, to stay aligned. I know I can attract anything I want. So what kind of aligned action do I need to take right now, that I can manifest with ease and fun? I am strong, I am great at manifesting. I am a firm believer that I always get what I want 100% or better. I am ready to do my part. I know the universe has my back and people and opportunities show up, just at the right time.


Go back into having faith, even if in that moment nothing looks like it is going to work out. Bring yourself back to positive thinking, to being strong and to take aligned action. To go back to positive feelings, to act from a place of love, fun and joy.


Think of an experience that makes you smile, that brings back your energy, that lights up your heart. Smile, trust, enjoy and keep going, one step at the time.



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Enjoy and have fun:



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