September 27

Are you too hard on yourself?  Here are 10 Ways to Deal with Pressure and Stress


Do you find yourself disappointed that you don’t get the results you want? And you sometimes question why.. ..what did I do wrong…

Can you relate?

Hi Gorgeous,

Often things don’t happen the way we want them to happen. We might not generate the outcome we desire.

In these cases it is so important to stay grounded and NOT at no circumstances just put the blame on you.

Actually there is no need to put blame on anybody.
We are not in a blame game. Blame is not helping to solve a situation.
Your life will change when you start to see life as a learning experience. What about the idea that you are here to experience pleasure, fun, excitement and to play a game.

Have you ever observed your heros, superheroes and the successful people you look up to?

Have you noticed that they use phrases like: Well I have fun all day and I feel like I am getting paid to play?

When you are in this kind of state you make things happen.
Thing back (hopefully not too far back…) to the last situation where you were totally at ease, where you just had fun and you played. How easy was it to get what you want?



It is easy and fun.

With all the pressure around us we simply forget that we are here to enjoy. We get, if we don’t pay attention, eaten up by pressure and all the SHOULD’S in our lives. We do not notice that time passes, that we become more and more tired, exhausted and forget why we are here in the first place.

Why is it in our modern world where are, are already so effective and efficient that more and more people have burnouts? Are totally exhausted and don’t have a clue what to do about it?

Pressure is not something that helps you to become happy and healthy; it is eventually draining your life energy right out of you and eaten up your soul.
Pressure is maybe a short term instrument to get something from you but over time pressure will kill.

Pretty simple.

Pressure is not only hard on the people receiving it, but also from the people giving it.

And it is not a live purpose at all.

STILL most of us pressure us in one way or the other.
There are different ways to react to outside pressure. But that is for another day. Today we look at the inside pressure. The pressure you put on yourself, the pressure that is one of the most difficult because only you can see it and still it might be totally hidden from you.

10 Ways to deal with pressure and to use it for instead of against you:

-Notice that you might be putting pressure on you

-Find out what you do exactly – do you have negative self-talk?, do you give up on sleep?, do you binge eat? Do you have an unhealthy lifestyle?

-Feel into the pressure

-Meditate and see how the pressure leaves your space

-Allow your soul to breathe

-Take less on board and do the things you do with more love and attention

-Start living in the moment

-Make sure you have fun ( have a fun conversation, learn to be silly again, laugh as often as you can, stop taking life so seriously like you will die if you don’t follow the rules….you will die one day anyway and I am certain that you will not look back and say: Well the best part was following all the rules by all the other people…create your own rules that make you happy and work in the legal system you are in)

-Do one thing a day that lights you up, that puts your soul on fire. (when you have this, do even more of it 

STOP THE NEGATIVE SELF-TALK, the BEATING yourself up in your mind!

Have fun! Enjoy! Love! Create pleasure! BE creative!

And when you get the hang of it, DO MORE!

Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!

Christine Schlonski

I’m so excited to be sharing my Sales Journaling Prompts with you. You WILL love them, they will help you change your mindset around sales and how FUN selling actually is. I LOVE sharing with you so you CAN make the MONEY YOU WANT and live the lifestyle you want!


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