Podcast Heart Sells! with Christine Schlonski 
Guest Information & Set-up

Thank you for being here: 
I am very excited & look forward to feature you on Heart Sells! Podcast amongst some of the biggest names in the industry like Bob Burg, Susie Carder, Ian Altman, Natalie Ledwell, Marc Hunter, Mitch Axelrod, Andrea Waltz, John Lee Dumas,  Milana Lenshinsky, Jill Stanton, and many more. 

What to expect:

  • Each Heart Sells! interview will be an ‘Audio Interview’ and we might use video snippets for promotional purposes. So please be camera ready ;-)
  • The interview will be on your business success story through mastering your sales and your expertise showcasing how you have become successful in the sales game. 
  • The goal is to provide incredible value, inspiration, motivation- so that the listener is asking the question: How can I do that too?
  • Please find sample at the bottom of the page - podcast flow
          The intention of the interview is to be in flow, and we would like to give the listeners the feel of having a coffee chat with a good friend. Christine will guide you through the interview. 
  • The total time of the interview will be 45-50 minutes. When editing the podcast it will  be divided into 2 episodes of 20-25 min. each.
          This gives us the opportunity to promote you twice in the week your interview goes live and several times in the future. 
  • You are able to provide a free gift that we will be promoting at the end of the show. If you have an affiliate program, please provide a link. Thank you. 
  • At the end of the interview we would love to record a 50 second video for promotional purposes. Examples here: www.christineschlonski.com/podcast
         This is you stating your name and business and answering the question why people should be listening to Heart Sells! Podcast, why this podcast is special of all the gazillion podcast out there.

Here is what we will need next to set you up for our interview:

Please send to: podcast@christineschlonski.com

1.) an awesome high resolution picture of you if possible full body shot or at least till your waist (if you can a properly cropped version of your picture) - you will be featured Magazine Cover Style...
and just a head shot will not work with this format.
We are also happy to promote on your cover your books, your podcast, your show... please provide images as well to make our life easier.

2.) Please fill out the Speaker Intake form https://forms.gle/TNYDVnjYhXDAYuPEA

3.) a the end of the speaker intake form you'll find the link to book a day and time for the interview.
Please plan about 60 minutes in total for a short chat before getting started, doing the interview (45-50 min) and then having a few minutes afterward.

We will split up the interview into two interviews which will allow you to be featured twice. Heart Sells! Podcast publishes every Friday at the point in time. That means you get featured two times in a row. 

4.) Last but NOT LeastSince the podcast is a high-end experience for the listeners great audio is a MUST. Please make sure you have a microphone that ensures top quality sound.
Please so not use a microphone that is a built-in or iPhone/ Samsung/ Smartphone earbuds. Please make sure you have a good external mic.

I am looking forward to rocking the interview with you! If you can be hardwired to the Internet, it will help ensure there will be no interruption to the conversation.

Be prepared with a glass of water or a cup of coffee ;-) and be ready to have fun.
Thank you!


Here are some great example of what it can look like to be featured: 

The Interview Flow:

1.) Into (to be added later by Team Christine) 
I will share your 50 word bio that I have received from you. I will record your bio separately and add to the audio later.
When we start recording I would love you to say:  "Hi this is YOUR NAME, you are listening to Heart Sells! Podcast with Christine Schlonski – enjoy!"
Than: we will start by me welcoming you and we dive right in.

2.) Your Journey
Intention: I'd like to have an interview like good friends having a coffee together, the driver is flow.
I will start asking you questions like the below including follow up questions to have a real conversation.
Please note when you are not all about sales this is to share an inspiring story and we will have the opportunity to dive into your story and share your successes. Sometimes sales is about selling an idea and not a product or service.

These questions below are sample questions and can be adjusted. :-)

-As an outstanding and heart-centered salesperson yourself you seem to be very confident in making offers and selling,
was this always the case?
- What was the very first “thing” you ever sold in your life?
- How did you feel when you asked for the sale?
- How did it feel to make the sale?
- How did you feel when you asked for the money?
- Do you think you are a natural salesperson? (if yes, what makes you think so?)
- When did you know that entrepreneurship was for you?
- How do you deal with rejection: When people say NO to your offer?
- How did you deal with rejections in the past?
- Can you share a learning with the audience on how you are seeing rejection today? 
- What was the biggest or most important sale you have lost?
- What did you learn from this experience by losing the sale?
- How did you recover from it?
- What was the biggest or most important deal you have closed in your life? How did you feel about it?
- How do you keep harmony in business and life, esp. when you have a challenging day or time?
- When you have a setback in your life or business how do you get yourself back on track?
- When you are having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better?
- What do you do to get yourself into alignment and out of the “I must because I need the money to succeed”?
- Can you share something personal: What don’t people know about you?
- What is your biggest fear (right now)?
- How did you get to the point where you loved every minute of your work?
- What has it taken to get to where you are right now?

- Last but not least: -Share your favorite inspirational quote or mantra.
If time: If you had to name a book that changed or influenced your life in a big way, which one would this be? What can we learn from that book? 

3.) Grand Finale
We'll end with a parting piece of guidance for the heart-centered driven entrepreneur and the best way we can connect with you. This is the place to share your free gift with our listeners.  

Please make sure you fill out the speaker intake form and check off this point. Thank you.
Recording: By participating in Heart Sells! with Christine Schlonski podcast interview, you agree to allow christineschlonski.com to record, distribute, and disseminate the podcast in any manner. You also agree to allow christineschlonski.com to retain rights to the produced audio and video media for potential future use in speeches, books, and in all other public distribution. You agree to do the interview without charge and agree not to request compensation at any point in the future.  

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