July 20



Give first!

I am here in San Diego, CA in beautiful surroundings and with amazing, amazing people.
This morning I had to pinch myself to really notice that this is my REALITY and not a dream.

I meditated on a little bench in a beautiful garden and I was thinking of what got me here.
What made it possible for me to be here? To be in this circle of people, in this surroundings, in this energy and love.

It all started by GIVING first!

By not focusing on you only but by seeing others.
By seeing who they are.
By seeing their potential.
By seeing where they come from, seeing what they have been through, trying not to judge and to be totally open.
To go with an open heart.

To just help others, to inspire them and to uplift them.

I don’t know about you Gorgeous, but sometimes my blogs and FB-Lives have only little interaction, only a few comments or likes or hearts. Sometimes it makes me wonder if I actually reach people. If I actually get my message out.

I have decided!
I am committed!
I will show up!
I will be there!
I hold the space!
I stand in my power!

I GIVE first.

So even if people do not interact that doesn’t mean that they don’t see you, that they don’t hear you, that your message is not received.

The TRUTH is:
you are seen, you empower and uplift, you are not aware of the fact who you touch and inspire.
There will always be someone who’s day you have made. So keep it up.
Keep speaking your truth, shine on your light, give your message!

Give first, give a helping hand, do something kind for someone.

This always has a positive effect on you as well, the energy that you put out is amazing. Everybody will benefit for that.

I know for me I am still in this strange flow that has been going on since I first boarded the plane back in Berlin, Germany over a week ago.

It is so powerful. Strangely I am not as hungry as I used to be, I don’t need as much sleep. I am fine with putting in 3-6 hrs a day and I am awake and full of energy. It is a wonderful feeling to tap into this potential, into this power and I can feel it in me. Feel it in my gut, feel it in my heart.

So today I love to invite you to tune in with yourself before you make a single decision and ask yourself:

Does that FEEL great?

If it is a HELL YES! Go for it.
Anything less, don’t waste your energy and time!

Do it with the little things that you most likely have on autopilot like: what kind of coffee or tea for the morning, what do I wear, where do I stop by for lunch, what do I put into my body, what do I allow to enter my mind?

Pay attention to all the details, tune in with your heart! Forget about your head for a moment! Because your ego is not important. I plays tricks and it will keep you form tapping into your true potential.

Have a lovely day where ever you are and


Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!


For a moment of peace and focus here is my free gift for you:


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