July 25

Free Falling…


Free Falling. I feel like I was free falling for the last two weeks.
What an amazing EXPERIENCE!

I felt myself. I could see myself grow. I felt getting stronger and my heart felt bigger and more open every day, while my brain only had “little” work to do.
Being in the flow for such a long time is so amazing.

I am so very, very grateful to having allow myself to say YES.
To say YES to this experience, to check in on the feelings side and to go with the best feelings possible and follow the path of least resistance.

Each an every moment was wonderful. Each an every moment was full of life. Full of my LIFE. Full of creation. Full of Love. Full of passion. Full of joy. Full of bliss. Full of wonder.

Deliberately I did not make plans beforehand. Deliberately, I allowed myself to have that flexibility to be spontaneous and to not worry what will happen within the next hour. Deliberately I tuned in with myself and ask myself what FEELS good and NOT what I thing would be go in my head. I did step out of my “brain-comfort-zone” and I managed to stay with my heart.

I knew this already before, but I re-discovered that this is where my power is. That it is where my beauty is. That this is were everything is possible for me.

I felt so much stronger. So much more confident, so much more sure what to do, what to say.

Going with the flow is such an amazing experience. Never before was I able to connect so deeply with so many wonderful people. This might sound a bit wired, but when you ONLY speak form your heart because you just know that you are LOVE, than you are unstoppable. You can give and receive at the same time, totally natural, totally at ease and with grace and compassion. Not other thoughts attached to it. And this beautiful intangible power will carry you through your adventures. This beautiful power will connect you with your soulmate tribe, friends, clients. You only attract likewise. And you will level up FAST. I mean really fast.

Now it is early morning and I am at a hotel at the airport, getting ready to fly back to Germany. My heart is excited to go back to my family and to be quite honest also not really willing to let go. My brain wants to tell me: IT is over, get on with your normal life. Deep down I know I will not. I have become a new version of myself and I can allow myself to still go with the flow that will present itself.

It is a beautiful morning in L.A.
And I hope that you will make a choice to allow yourself to FREE FALL.
That does not mean you need to jump out of an airplane like I did 2 days ago. It means to allow yourself to feel FREE. This feeling can be reached by constantly tuning into your HEART, into your FEELINGS.

You need to know to what you need to say NO to, so you can say YES to what really matters to you.
By saying NO to things and people you become stronger. You become focused and you can allow yourself to be carried away, just like swimming in a river where you go downstream instead of fighting the force of the water to go upstream.

Choose! It is a decision at the end that you need to take.

It is a decision and then the right and inspired action you need to take. Once you have gotten to this magical place you will NOT forget that it exists IN you. YOU can FEEL it in YOU! You already have it INSIDE of you. This is an amazing feeling.

Go for your dreams. Go for what REALLY matters for you.
I know that when you are in a place that you don’t want to be in, that it is not that simple to just drop everything and run off, because you need to grow into your higher version of yourself. But you need to start.

AND it all STARTS with your FIRST Step.

After that it is ONE step after the NEXT. One step at the time.
Keep moving! Do NOT stop! Only course correct if you need to.

Start NOW:

Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!

I am looking forward to see you shine. Let me know in the comments what you did to come closer to your dreams. What is the next best move for you?


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