Following your Soul can be SCARY

Following your Soul can be SCARY 

Hi Gorgeous,
Do you know this feeling in your gut, this feeling that tells you YES! – Hell Yes!– ?

Well, I have so often not listened to this feeling and I have missed out on opportunities in the past.

I was too scared, too busy with pleasing others, too busy with following the rules, I was too busy pretending I had it all together and I was living that happy life.

Maybe you can relate?

But I was not happy, I was not fulfilled, I felt empty inside.

Reading books  to get inspiration did not help anymore. I felt I had to take massive action.
I felt I had to make a change and I had to take a chance even though I did not know if I would fail.

Slowly but surely I started saying YES. Not to something or somebody.

I started to say YES  to myself. To the person, I wanted to become. Yes to the potential that I felt within. ‍♀️

To my potential that I did not see but that I could feel.
I started saying YES to my truth.
To the fear that I had, knowing that it would go away at some point.
And let me tell you, it was hard! It was scary! At times I did not sleep well, at times I did not eat well and I felt sick to my stomach.
But the alternative to staying on my path, to do what I was told, to please others but not myself was just not enough anymore!

The deep, deep desire for FREEDOM, for CHOICE, for FLOW, for FULFILLMENT, for LOVE, for GIVING and SERVING my way became louder and louder and louder.

SO I made a choice!
I decided to follow my heart.   
And in April 2016, when I attended Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within I walked over the FIRE  and I walked towards my destiny, my freedom, my idea of life, my creation.

I walked (ok, kinda ran the last few steps…) over the fire knowing that if I can walk over fire, I can do ANYTHING.

I have not looked back. Instead, I took massive, massive action and I made decisions according to my dream, supporting my dream.

I did not only buy several online programs but I took massive action invested into a coach, into a mastermind. Signing and swiping the credit card made me feel nauseous when I purchased.

When had I ever spent this amount of money in one scoop? 

Well, the answer is NEVER!
Even my house is paid off in bits by bits, even my nice car did not cost that much….nothing I owned had that kind of a price tag attached.

Somehow I came up with the money sacrificing in other areas of my life. But knowing that it was time, knowing that this is what my soul desired, my heart needed and I was committed!

 The moment I said yes to myself on this level was the moment true change happen.
 Was the moment when I could walk tall knowing if I had made it happen others can too. If I found a way others will too.
 The coaching, the connections, the content, the energy, the shifts inside of me….UNBELIEVABLE!
 I am so grateful for all of it but what I am most grateful for is saying YES to myself.
 Putting myself first to become a better version of me, a better leader, a stronger person.
 I show up differently because I have the knowledge that I value myself, that I love myself, that I am a creator, a divine being, that if I support myself I can be more, do more and have more.

Most people have it in the wrong order. They try to have more and miss the most important piece. And therefore they will never have what they truly desire, created from flow and alignment and the soul’s deepest desire.

Life is about the experience. It is about living. The things we have don’t make us happy in the long run BUT the experiences, the giving, the contribution is what counts.

‍♀️ What do you want to create in your life gorgeous?
‍♀️ In what ways do you say YES to yourself?

It is only small but still big. Last November I attended a gathering of the Just Like My Child Foundation where I had managed to join the league and give to young adolescent girls in Uganda to support them to be empowered as girls.

I know there are many causes I could have given to but I had the chance to meet Vivian Glyck the founder of the organization and I could feel her big heart and wonderful intentions. I knew I was in the right place.

Years ago I would have never ever stepped up in such a way. I know I only started this wonderful journey. I would love for you to start yours!

 You are so much more than you might think you are.
 You have so much more to give!

BUT you have to start putting yourself first, you have to start saying yes to your self!
There is no other way. There is no other option. If you can’t say YES to you, why should anyone else? Why should the universe, spirit, your clients, your friends, your loved ones….?

Say yes by getting yourself the support you need (a coach, a mentor, a course…whatever supports your journey). And start giving back- but not form your cup but from your saucer.
Give back a percentage of what comes in. It feels amazing. Here is a link to The League: have a look.

Thank you for reading so far and for considering these thoughts to empower you.

With gratitude,



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