August 26

Where your focus goes, energy flows


Where your focus goes, energy flows


Have you ever had that someone tells you their fears and worries and then you focus on these and they are coming true as your own – even though it is not aligned with you? But you are so upset with that negative mindset that you come back to the situation and you think about it again and again? You can’t break that cycle and find yourself focusing on that thing and therefore manifesting it?


Well you and me, we both KNOW that this is the worst thing you can do. Your thoughts create your reality and if you focus on the “wrong thing”, you will make it come true. Where focus goes, energy flows. That is manifesting upside down… Totally wrong and you need to break the spell fast.


Basically that negative person reaches into your pocket, takes out your wallet and takes out money.


I know sometimes it is just so freaking hard and it seems you can’t get over it. But eventually you will. You are strong enough and you can!


Focusing on the wrong thing calls in all the things you don’t want because you will be out of alignment. There will be more people crossing your way who distract you, who irritate you and who upset you.


So it is time Gorgeous to turn it around. It is time to step back into your POWER. It is time to start new. It is important to learn how to blend out all this stuff, how to NOT listen to the negative voices even though they show up again and again. This is an opportunity for you to grow. This is an opportunity for you to become stronger.


So go back to what you know is true. Go back to you. Go back and tune into your heart. You NEED to live your truth, nothing else matters. Anything else will suck your soul out of you, will drain you and will kill your spirit eventually.


To blossom, to grow, to feel amazing, you NEED to listen to your HEART. Your heart knows.
You are special, unique and a Masterpiece. If you made it onto this earth, you are already worthy and you are enough.


And you will be amazing and outstanding if you allow yourself to follow your heart and to shine your light no matter what others think of you. Relevant is what YOU think of you. At the end of the day we leave this earth by ourselves and we need to answer the question if we had an amazing life, if we made something out of it with all the power and strength that we were given.


You know life is short. And it can be even shorter totally unexpected. I have lost some so very dear people that I thought I will share so much more with, who I thought I will see again but now there is only empty space. So go for your dreams now and stop wasting time and energy.


Stop listening to others. Start listening to your heart, to your truth. Nothing else matters. You will actually start living when you understand this important thing about live.


Old people will tell you, but usually we are not really good listeners because we feel powerful, we feel young, we feel eternity.


Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!



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