August 9

Feel it! Can you FEEEEELLLLLLLLLLL it?


Feel it! Can you FEEEEELLLLLLLLLLL it?


Just finished my journaling today and I am so HYPED!


I am so full of energy.


I wrote out such amazing next steps for myself and all from the heart.


You can come up with strategies and next steps while journaling. This is happening to me more and more. Now I only need to take better action on it.


I used to write things down thinking wow that is a great idea and then I would not come back to it most of the time.


So now, I made a new commitment.


I come back to my great ideas. I invite them in if they align with my heart and my soul, if they are a great match and if they feel a HELL YES!


I don’t know if you have seen my FB Live yesterday on my regular page. I talked about stepping into your next best version. So a part of me is stepping into my next best version of myself to give great ideas, to give more time, and attention and to act on them faster. The message will be immediate!


Here is one example:


I have created such a great Opt-In to help people to align more and have an easier sales process. I’ve had this since March or so sitting on the hard drive of my PC. And I have not put it out. Why?


I guess I did not feel it! BUT the feeling is getting stronger.


My old Opt-In is great but the new one is amazing…. So time to act!


Time to get stuff done.

Time to ask for help.

Time to get things done!

Tune into your heart.
Listen to your heart.

Deep down inside you know what to do. And I can reassure you, we all have fears that are there to hold us back to protect us from the unknown.


BUT you need to move anyway.


Sometime the fear in your mind is such a big thing and it feels like this huge scary bear and once you start to move and to do your thing, the fear becomes so small and was just a shadow on the wall.

I am not saying fear is bad because it will protect you.


Dance with your fears, invite them in, ask them for a dance but make sure you take the lead.


Don’t let fear lead.
You lead and you tell fear where to turn, what to dance.


Fear probably wants to express herself.
Give her some space, but never the lead.
Do not allow her to speak. Do not allow her to decide.


You know I am a huge fan of the Argentine Tango. Listening to that music, esp. some of the modern Tangos just opens my heart. It feels like Tango has a key to my Soul.


When I started to learn how to dance it was very difficult for me to follow. I am such a leader by nature that I really, really had to learn this follow stuff. Uff…


You know how I was able to follow, to let go of wanting to lead?


My dance teacher in Paris told the beginners:

“Ladies, this is Tango. You cannot lead, you probably don’t know what step comes up next. The guy is responsible for the choreography BUT you are his MUSE, his FANTASY. If he lets you down and if you look stupid, he screws up the whole dance. He will give you space to express yourself in some steps but the dance can ONLY be beautiful if you follow and allow him to lead and be his Muse.”


Well. BAM!


That was ok for me! I could handle being a MUSE. That sounded great and like a secret power that I would still hold!


So I did allow myself to let go and to follow.

It was still not easy but I became better and better and dancing became so much easier. For those of you, who don’t know Argentine Tango, well learn something about it. For me it is totally fascinating. It is not only totally beautiful, sensual, but as a lady you don’t know the next steps. The guy creates them for you. He needs to listen to the music, create his own steps, create yours and invite you with the right techniques to follow. So basically you only learn steps, but in a real spontaneous dance, you don’t have a clue what is next.


Maybe that is why I love Argentine Tango and I am so fascinated with this dance.


So imagine the fear being your muse, she follows. She will follow anyway. So make her look good. BUT take the lead. Always take the lead. You will be with her ALL your life.


Sometimes she will be amazingly present and sometimes you might feel that you have the whole dance floor for yourself and she is in a corner watching you, observing you and waiting for her moment.


So make peace with her. Have an open conversation.


And then:

Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!




PS: If you want to learn how to dance with your fears and go for your dreams. Let’s have a chat.


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