August 29

Extremely POWERFUL you are!


Did you know that you are extremely powerful and that you can achieve what you want?


That you are good enough, worthy enough, perfect enough. The most important thing you need to do is to start believing that you are!
You can start NOW. And if you have any doubts well then start believing that you can believe that you are good enough, worthy enough, perfect enough – that you are POWERFUL beyond measure.


Remember as a child all the dreams you had, all the adventures you were on, all the things you tired, all the failures and learning you had… WHERE did all this stuff go?


You lost it on you way growing up, because you stopped believing in your truth. You started believing in the truth of your parents, of your care takers, of your teachers, of your friends… that something was too dangerous, that you were not strong enough, not smart enough, not brilliant enough, that you suck at math because you are a girl, that you can’t make nice painting because you are a boy, that you are too fat or too skinny to do that sport, that you did not have the education, the certificate, the….you name it.


They were such great salesmen! Why? Because you bought their stories!


NOW, it is time to see that illusion and to claim your birth right. I know these people did their best BUT it has nothing to do with you because you create your live and you decide what you can and can’t do.


It is TIME to claim your truth back! Other people’s fear is NONE of your business. That is totally their problem. DO not buy their stories- they are too EXPENSIVE!


Their stories cost you your LIVE! Your joy, freedom, happiness. Be careful of what you buy!



Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!


Christine Schlonski


PS: If you want to find back to your true self, it starts with self-love. Join me on Saturday the 2nd of September to learn how to do that.
Here is the link for all the information and to sign up:


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