WORKSHOP, May 12th


$497 $97


We Show You How To Maintain Or 2x Your
Profits By Following Our Economy-Proof,
Proven 4-C Method In only 6 hours! 
How Would That Change Your Life?

For Coaches, Consultants and Small Business Owners ready to Maintain, or 2x their profits by following our economy-proof, proven 4-C Method

…No more lying awake at night, worrying you’ll lose all of your clients & customers.

…One pivot in your business allows you to help others more, profit more, while NOT worrying you’ll be forced to apply for unemployment or rely on stimulus money to cover food and rent.

Have you been affected by the recent economic down-turn too?
Risks of losing clients, business, profits? Being forced to let go of valuable employees? Having to close doors, with no hope of reopening unless things turn around ASAP?

Are you tired of hearing crisis and COVID-19? Are you working harder now to get get clients in the door, toiling away spending hours upon hours on marketing & even more hours on the phone trying to “convince” your prospects to buy into your program or service…and then getting the proverbial door shut in your face?
Are you throwing your hands up feeling you just don't know where to start in this economy?

The truth is your offers are not meeting the new needs of your clients, but you can change that and make a difference for them TODAY!

It all starts with having the RIGHT offer and talking to the RIGHT people to serve them now.

 Let your offer be a client magnet under any circumstances!

Evolve and Sell Virtual ONE-Day Workshop, May 12th

Discover how to transform your business into a SALES GENERATING MACHINE... , fast, simple& step-by-step.

No matter where you are on your journey. 

Register now and save 80% off the regular ticket price 497...only $97 today!


Register now and save 80% off the regular ticket price 497...only $97 today!



You have an incredible opportunity right now.

Now is the time to rise, the time to lead, and the time to say YES to opportunities. You might already know that in the Chinese Language Crisis means


So you have a choice. You can wait and do nothing OR you can step up, take the opportunity and evolve and sell to serve.

What no one else can give you.
Combined the four of us have over 50 years of Sales Success, closed more than half a billion in revenue, worked with some of the biggest names in the industry like Alex Morton, Ryan Levesque, Grant Cardone, Daven Michaels, Ryan Lee... AND partnered up to teach you our best secrets so you can


and you can get the whole process with just ONE Day of your time and ONLY $ 97, a total no-brainer when you think about that each expert gets paid 4-figures per hour. This is for us to give back to our tribes and to support coaches, consultants, business owners and those who NEED to take their business online or who need to pivot to profit fast. 

Register now and save 80% off the regular ticket price 497...only $97 today!


What you'll walk away with when you join the One-Day Online Live Workshop

The 3 Secrets you'll learn in Part 1 with Jeff J Hunter

  1. How to position yourself as an expert in your industry, and weaponize your Linkedin Profile into a Sales Funnel
  2. The 9 “PROVEN” Steps to Optimize Your Profile to Convert Leads into Prospects
  3. The EXACT Method (and message scripts) I use to get 100’s of new connections each month, and dozens of qualified leads into my pipeline.

Who is Jeff?

Jeff J Hunter builds personal brands for accomplished CEO’s & Founders who are ready to leverage their business achievements to become influencers in their category. 
He’s been featured on Influencive, The Today Show, Forbes, Inc, ABC & CBS. 
He’s also Faculty at DigitalMarketer where he frequently hosts training sessions online and in-person at their HQ in Austin, TX about Branding, Marketing, Social Media, and Remote Teams. 
He’s worked with incredible brands like Cox Communications, Mixpanel, Pluralsight, and has worked alongside some of the fastest growing personal brands like Alex Morton, Ryan Levesque (the creator of the ASK Method), and Grant Cardone.

The 3 Secrets you'll learn in Part 2 with Amanda Dake

1. The 7 Key Ingredients needed to  create your ultimate automated lead   

    generation system

2. The importance of a high-value, well produced lead magnet.

3. The best automation tools to begin using in your business now to save you

    both time and money

Who is Amanda?

Amanda has been the owner and founder of and Funnel Kitchen since 2011, teaching and guiding coaches, experts, and professionals in their marketing and business strategy. 

Her signature online programs along with live workshops and 1-1 coaching sessions  help business owners and entrepreneurs gain clarity and create a plan of action that aligns with their overall personal and professional goals, business structure, offers, and marketing strategy.
Amanda is also an accomplished international speaker, a Certified Clickfunnels Partner as well as a member of the ClickFunnels International Speaking Team.

The 3 Secrets of Heart Sells! Part 3 with Christine Schlonski

  1. How to redefine Sales to enjoy selling
  2. Shifting your Sales-Mindset into a Sales-Success-Success-Mindset
  3. Why NOT selling is NOT an option right now and how to create that new offer or tweak what you already have.

Who is Christine?

Christine Schlonski, known as the Queen of the Sales-Success-Mindset, is a multi-talented leader in the field of Sales-Mindset, Motivation, and Strategies.
She is the founder of Heart Sells! Academy and Host of Heart Sells! Podcast and works with heart-centered, driven entrepreneurs who love what they do but feel very uncomfortable when it comes to selling their products and services.

She shows them how sell with ease, grace, and confidence. So they can redefine sales and create a life beyond their wildest dreams.

Christine’s experience includes over 12 years in successful selling and closing High-Ticket Live Events in the corporate world as a top producer and Sales Director making millions in revenue herself and through the successful sales teams she's built throughout her career.

In her coaching business, she has supported thousands of entrepreneurs to enjoy sales conversations and to generate more revenue with ease and to make a bigger impact in the world.

The 3-Part Process Of Mass Conversion Of Prospects Into Clients in Part 4 with Tiji Thomas

  1. ​The Psychology Of Getting People To Say YES
  2. The UnSelling Client Conversion Process
  3. How NEVER To Get Objections On Your Strategy/Consulting Call

Who is Tiji?

Tiji Thomas loves teaching and helping others overcome the fear of selling.

He has built 3 different million-dollar companies & has produced over $500,000,000 in sales.

He especially looks forward to working with coaches, entrepreneurs, consultants & other service providers because his priority is serving those that love to serve & help others.

And he’s done it using a no pressure process he calls “UnSelling”.

The truth is you do NOT need to use high pressure to get your future clients to say YES and he will be showing you how you can hold onto your core values, serve others & make more money than you ever dreamed of at this Special workshop!

He lives in Sugar Land, TX with his wife of 23 years & 2 kids and runs all of his businesses from home.

Register now and save 80% off the regular ticket...just $97 today!


We will break down the process of the client journey and how to connect till you close in an authentic way from your heart. NO sleazy, pushy, manipulative tactics.
All aligned heart-centered selling.

10 am - 11:30 am 
CULTIVATE with Jeff J Hunter of Savage Marketer

11:30 pm -  12:00 pm: Break

12:00 pm -   1:30 pm
CAPTURE with Amanda Dake of Funnel Kitchen

  1:30 pm - 2 pm: Break

   2 pm - 3:30 pm
CONVERT with Christine Schlonski of Heart Sells! Academy

 3:30 pm - 4 pm Break

  4 pm - 5:30 pm
Close with Tiji Thomas of UnSelling System

5:30 pm Panel


Why you should join the Workshop?

You do not have time to lose! 
You need to be fast, especially during these uncertain times.

Money loves speed and your clients are desperate now for what you and only you can offer

If you are ready to give more, serve more and lead even through uncertain times click the button below and reserve your spot in the 2-Day Online Virtual Event.

There is only a small fee for you to ensure you take action. $497 $97

Register now and save 80% off the regular ticket...just $97 today!

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