Eric Béhanzin:
Business Coach specialized in explosive growth

Expert in sales of very high-end products (5 to 7 figure)

From 0 to More than 1.7 million euros in sales in 12 months

Founder of the new “Explosive Business” method

Author of the book “12 Days” (How to become rich, happy and proud of yourself)

Musical Producer and Vocal Coach of Beehann (The Voice France 2016)

Professional singer and multi-instrumentalist (piano, bass, guitar)

Expert in stage expression for over 15 years and nicknamed “Mr. Certainty.”


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3 Key Points:

  • When you endure a difficult situation know that: Pain is temporary. Just go for it.
  • If you don’t leave your comfort zone, there is no growth. When there is no fear, there’s no growth either.
  • Always know your WHY. When you change the story could change your life

Show Notes:

[05:02] There is a real relationship between money and food. Each time people a lack of money, or lack of food, they’re stressed, they’re sad, or upset, or angry.
[08:12] Eric explains how his book is structured and why 12 days…
[16:39] If you don’t leave your comfort zone, there is no growth. When there is no fear, there’s no growth either.
[19:28] Everything is about how to master your emotions. And what is the story you tell yourself.
[20:58] You have to be comfortable with this uncomfortable situation
[21:58] Abundance is already here inside of me right now. Right now. I don’t need something from outside to be happy. I don’t need something from outside to relax. It’s not money is not food. It’s not anything that will change my life. It’s from the inside.
[25:06] Before I was not seeing all the wealth I had inside of me, and I was searching outside what was inside.


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Christine Schlonski [0:02]
Hi Gorgeous, this is episode number 028 and Eric Béhanzin from France is back today sharing his sales secrets.

Eric Béhanzin [0:13]
Hi, this is Eric Béhanzin you’re listening to Heart Sells! with Christine Schlonski, enjoy.

Christine Schlonski [0:20]
I am so pumped to have Eric back today on the show. Before we dive right in, make sure you are checking out Episode Number 027, where we talked about the mindset and about the shifts that it takes to go from zero to over 5 million in 18 months. What a story! make sure you hop on over to to check out the show notes and the transcript, all resources we talked about and be part of my Success Library. This is where I share my free content. And I highly recommend the Sales Journaling Prompts that will help you to shift your sales-mindset into a sales-success-mindset. And that will help you to make more sales feeling amazing when making sales and also asking more of your price. And I think Eric is a wonderful inspiration for you to start that journey. In case you haven’t listened yet. Eric is a business coach, and he is specialized in explosive growth. That means high-end products, selling for five to seven figures because he himself went from zero to more than 1.7 million euros in sales in only 12 months. And after 18 months, he had hit the $5 million dollar mark. And that’s just amazing. He is the founder of explosive business method. And he’s also the author of an amazing book called 12 Days that we will talk about today as a vocal coach and music producer. He has been on the voice of France in 2016. He himself is a professional singer, and he plays several instruments, the piano, the bass, the guitar, and on stage he’s called Mr. Certainty. All right. Well, welcome back Eric. I’m so super excited to have you here again and to finally talk about your amazing book called 12 Days. Which you’ll find at

Eric Béhanzin [2:43]
Yeah, thank you.

Christine Schlonski [2:45]
Yeah. And you just mentioned and the other episode that you have really, really done the research, you have talked to so many people to hone in your pitch. So just for people who are listening in and because we do have creatives, we have healers and coaches in the audience. And you know: What is the pitch? So a pitch basically, is something you say, to invite a person to buy from you. And obviously, it needs to be impactful so they get what you are all about. And they have the opportunity to say, Well, tell me more.

Christine Schlonski [3:24]
So you created this pitch, and you put it into your book, and one of your clients has used it and already had has made a lot of money just by basically reading from your book. So tell us a little bit more, how did your book happen? What inspired you to write it because I know it’s a really, really interesting spin I have not seen on the market before. And then also, after that, I would love to know about the next level that you have entered by writing the book by going through the experience of writing the book and where that helped you in your business right now? Can you just let us know more of the book before?

Eric Béhanzin [4:09]
Yes. So first, the book, the subtitle is the book “The inspiring story of an entrepreneur who stays 12 days with no food and no water and writes a method to get you rich, happy and proud of you.”

Christine Schlonski [4:28]
So just one sec. So you don’t eat, you don’t drink and you become rich..

Eric Béhanzin [4:35]
Literally. So of course, a can sounds like cheesy or like okay, well..

Christine Schlonski [4:42]
I’m just fascinated. I want to take people behind the scene because I’m about to read your book. I just ordered it. And I’m super excited. Because I know a little bit of the backstory when we had our conversation. Super excited for people to find out more about this interesting process.

Eric Béhanzin [5:02]
Yes, first of all, there is a real relationship between money and food. Each time people a lack of money, or lack of food, they’re stressed, they’re sad, or upset, or angry. And their emotions are really involved. Like, something happens, you know, I’m hungry. Or, and here’s the thing, you know, in history of humanity. You know, when you don’t have money, you don’t have food, it’s like you, you don’t have nothing in, you’re almost going to die like, or here people will say, so I won’t be able to pay my bill. So I won’t be able to give money to my children. Or they’re going to say, I’m going to say under the bridge, or, you know, this kind of expression that everybody knows. And everybody says each time they have a lack of money. So before doing that, because first is it possible to 12 days with no food? No water? Of course, it is some people ask me why 12 days. It’s just simple. My last professional appointment was the sixth of July and the 20th of July, I have to take the plane to go to weddings. So I only have from the seventh of July 19. So it was 12 days. So I didn’t show the like, okay, no, it’s just happened that way. So.

Eric Béhanzin [6:35]
And the second why no food, no water. Actually, in the beginning, I didn’t want to fast I just wanted to rest. What happened is two days before I had the intuition that I had, this was the moment to write the book. I just let hear the voice saying to me: Okay, so you remember how to write a book right? Now, you can say you have no time because you have nothing to do for this 12 days, and was like, Oh, my God, I’m trapped. Okay. So I have to do it. I have no choice. So. So I took the decision. All right. So I need inspiration. So I’m going too fast. So why 12 days. So I just said it, why no food, why no water. I did some research before for three years, about health, about what’s possible in the power of regeneration during fasting in especially dry fasting. And so before I did some personal experiences, like three day fasting for a fasting four days in a half dry fasting, and I just saw that, you know, everything’s, you know, of course, I have some things that moving that changing, you know, my heart, you know, beats really quicker, all the stuff that, you know, everything is good, you know, I’m not going to die, and I’m still good. So, okay, let’s, let’s try, let’s go for it.

Eric Béhanzin [8:12]
And at the same time, I was a little bit fearful, because, like, Oh, my gosh, 12 days, it’s wrong. And I decided to do it by myself. So totally alone. So nobody was there. There’s no doctor, no friend or family. And by the way, I wanted to do it alone. I wanted to do this retreat alone. So I was doing that before. But it was the first so long and so and of course, without what, so I did it, I did it. And I decided to make some videos of it. So day one, day two, day three, day four and so what happened when I get there, I still did not have before arriving at the place, I still did not have a something you know, I did not have the idea of the book actually. So what I am I going to talk because, you know, I was a singer before I was an artist for years I was producer a musician. So maybe I could talk about that. But when I arrived at the beta, say, Okay, so I’m talking about, you know, how to get, you know, happy, rich and proud of yourself. You know, this is open life is about and this what really changed me. So, let’s go for it. So, this was the this the theme, the subject of the book, but after the second day, the same voice I heard before to me, you have to talk about your 12 days dry fast was like oh my God. So people will think I’m a crazy guy, he like, you know, wants to suicide himself, or something like that. And I said, Okay, well, alright, I’m going to do it. So I didn’t know how to do that. Because I was already writing the first part and say okay, so I’m going to do like the book one minute millionaire. So I’m going to write on the left-hand pages, the method to get you rich, happy and proud of you. And the right part I’m going to talk about my 12 days dry fast. So they’re the right now we have two books in one. Yeah. So the thing is that when people want to read just the left brain part with just logic, you know, you apply when you apply this, and it works. You know, I did a mind map with the structure and everything from for the left-hand pages. So it was clear for me, so I just have to have to fill the blanks and you know, it will, okay, for the right part, it was totally different. Because each day I had to write something about what’s going on today. So each day have to write chapter chapter on the left, 10 pages in chapter of the right hand. So each chapter for each part, 12 days trek chapter. So okay, I’m ready for it. But there is something else at the moment. I say, Okay, why do I do this, I have to explain that. So I had to write a deal other book inside the two other ones. So I have to talk about my personal story. So I began to talk about on the right-hand pages, my personal story from zero to seven years old, from seven to 14 years old, 14 to 21, and so on and so on, in each chapter to for people to know, what is my personal story, my personal journey journey, where do I come from? And why decided why I decided to do this 12 day dry fast. So it was a huge work. And you know what? I don’t like writing…

Christine Schlonski [12:15]
that makes it

Eric Béhanzin [12:17]

Christine Schlonski [12:18]
all by yourself, no food, no drinks. Writing basically, three books in one which you don’t like writing and writing a book, I would just assume acquires a lot of strings and concentration. And I don’t know, for the people who are listening. But if you don’t give me food, then I can’t really concentrate. I’m gonna be miserable, right? I actually, I’m one of these people that needs to eat, to concentrate. And to, you know, be a good person.

Eric Béhanzin [12:58]
Actually, not just see, you need food to be a good person, it would be interesting to see you without food.

Christine Schlonski [13:09]
I mean, I did, I did fasting before and, you know, like, the first three, four days were pretty tough, but I did drink. So, um, you know, seeing you not even having water, it’s just, you know, I have like, this whole scene in my head. You know how this comes all together? So, uh, yeah, tell us, tell us more. So, now you’re writing your story. You don’t like writing. But you still made it happen because when people go to find a book like a real book.

Eric Béhanzin [13:48]
Yes. real book. And the thing is, I wrote it in French. So I published it last year. But I have after that I have to translate it in English. Of course. Yes. So how did it I find the strength to finish it? First, because yes, the biggest part for me was really writing the book, it’s not waiting was not about to dry fast. Because I knew what I was doing. And, you know, for first days, it was quite easy. When we came to the fifth days. Now, it became complicated because I was a surpassing my previous limit. Because the longer I did before I did it twice was in dry fasting was four days and a half. So right now, at this moment, I was doing more and then primal fears came, a lot of questions, a lot of why are you doing this, when the landlord is going to come back is going to see you in the middle of the floor with you, your, you know, tongue, you know, getting out and just dead. You know, and, and, you know, that, that it was crazy because my body was totally all right. But my soul, you know, was into really a massive panic, like, I’m going to die, you know, psychologically and emotionally it was really hard. And it was hard in the sense that I was alone. And I decided it. And at the same time, I knew that if I was, you know, taking something to eat or to drink, actually, it wouldn’t be better if it was just that I had to live this uncomfortable situation. I had to live it. And I had in I was doing it, not only for me but for all the people, all the generations of entrepreneurs would, you know, read that and be inspired by that. So, at this moment, I say, okay, so you committed to yourself. So just to it, and just do it until the end. Don’t care. Just do it! Pain, you know, pain is temporary. Just go for it.

Christine Schlonski [16:17]
Yeah, I love that. Because you said you surpassed your experience from before. I just want to, you know, when I get to that moment, that you make that conscious decision to leave that comfort zone for your growth and you were committed to do it. So you can show other people, that is brilliant.

Eric Béhanzin [16:39]
Yeah, yeah, the thing is that if you don’t leave your comfort zone, there is no growth. When there is no fear, there’s no growth either because fear is the really indicator that really shows you that right now, there is something that you have to cross there is something that you have to go through in your journey to become a great entrepreneur. So at this moment, I knew what was going on. And Okay, come on. It’s a Come on, Eric is just your emotions. Come on, get on that at the end, you’re going to be proud of you. But right now, you have to stay focused and keep on doing it. So I kept on doing it. And then I went in, you know, each day I was doing some videos, and the videos were giving me some strength, because on the video I’ll talk about I talked to the readers, I talked to the people who see the video until the Okay, so today, it’s video five or video six or video seven. And here’s what’s going on today. And in the book, I’m talking about this stuff and sometimes it’s hard, sometimes easy, like, and so it was give me giving me strength because I okay, I’m talking to somebody and I do that for this person who is watching the video. So, okay, come on, you can do it. So I decided to go for it. And, and after day five, day six. And so the other one was, was the seven that I don’t know if it if it was the number or something like that.

Eric Béhanzin [18:25]
But day seven, I didn’t want to do anything. So I was like, so upset and sick and tired. I want to stop like, you know, I had my little burnout alone. Like, I don’t want to do this again. I was not afraid anymore. But it was just like, why do I do this? Like, and so I had to come back to it and day eight. So I have to catch up with the other chapters I did not write. Really day seven and when you see the video something day six a day seven you see like, it’s a video is really short. Like, okay, today is not good. And and you can see my face because I, of course, I’m losing some weight, a lot of weight so you can see my face and you can see that okay, so today’s day and it’s good. I’m not really good. But yeah, I will keep on doing it. And you know, everything is about how to master your emotions. And what is the story you tell to yourself. When the trial comes, when the hard things come, what is the story you tell to yourself, and how you interpret all this events and all the things around you. And so your map, your representation of the world really change into when you change the story could change your life, you know, it’s really about that you really change. So I kept on doing day eight, then day nine and then day 10. And so after that, I wanted everything to stop really because it was not easy. And at the same time through that there is something that happened to me that it was not just a comprehension, it was really deep understanding. You are if you’re alive, I was talking to myself, if I am alive, it’s not because of food. It’s not food that keeps me alive. It’s something else, a superior grace. Because when you live one day two days three days four days, five days 6, 7, 8, 9 at the moment you have be comfortable with this uncomfortable situation. You have to get into that get silence get deep and say okay, come on. Be cool, be calm. Isn’t, it can’t be temporary in your mindset. Because it’s too long to be temporary. You have to be you know, cool in that situation and say, okay, everything’s perfect. Let’s keep on that. And I’m still you know, I can move, I can walk, you know, it was in the little village so I was working in the village, I was working the bush there was a little forest and I can do everything and I don’t eat and I don’t drink this is crazy. That my understanding of life as a totally changed and that moment when I saw that what I got is ok: Abundance is already here inside of me right now. Right now. It’s not. I don’t need something from outside to be happy. I don’t need something from outside to be you know, relax. It’s not money is not food. It’s not anything that will change my life. It’s from the inside. Then this is what I just got in myself because I was living this experience. Like, oh my god, I’m here, now, alive, no food, no water, and everything’s perfect. I’m working. I’m talking. I do. I’m writing a book. You know, it’s like, oh my god. Everything is already there. I don’t need everything. All the riches oh, you know, the the wealth and all the elephant everything is right now already there.

Eric Béhanzin [23:03]
So I begin to come down and just wait for the end of the dry fast. And so the last days were definitely better. And then I arrived to day 13. So I begin to drink my first a glass of water. So I was supposed to take my time in what happened I was not hungry. I was not thirsty. Because a lot of people tell me it’s not possible because your body you know, changing go into another system. So you end the body begins to eat. But what inside so we have a lot of fat and reserve a lot of things. So actually, your body exactly knows what to do.

Christine Schlonski [23:50]
Yeah, yeah. Well, we don’t want to recommend that everybody is trying now to fast for 12 days.

Eric Béhanzin [24:00]
Of course, of course. Don’t do that. Don’t do that. Please.

Christine Schlonski [24:03]
Yes. so fascinating Especially with the understanding that everything is already there.

Eric Béhanzin [24:09]

Christine Schlonski [24:11]
Can you go deeper of how that understanding like, and I think it’s an it’s an understanding that wasn’t from your logical mind. Because I think we can, you know, we hear that it probably wasn’t understanding in your body, in your gut, and every cell of your being.

Eric Béhanzin [24:31]
Yeah, yeah.

Christine Schlonski [24:32]
When you understand at such a deep, deep level that gives you so much confidence.

Eric Béhanzin [24:42]
Exactly. This is exactly that. This this is literally my vision of life. And every human being or every, every being, you know, in all word, and the nature and how we are, we’ve been, I would say, created. The thing is, knowing that everything inside that means that before I was not seeing all the wealth I had inside of me, and I was searching outside what was inside, so and for a lot of people is that. So when I have money, I’m going to be happy. When I have this, I’m going to be happy, oh, I need that or I need that, I need that, I want that! Everything is already there. And I had to live this experience to get that. And I said, if everything is already there, then I’m happy. Because abundance is already there. So all I have to do is right now is act and do the things that I want to do. But from that moment, if I can survive 12 days with no food, no water, what is a business? -nothing, sales? – nothing, marketing? – nothing. You know, all the stuff you do that, you know, in the real world like that. That’s just details because the value is already there. So is the value is there boom, let’s go for it. Let’s go for it. And so this is why I felt that at this moment, I had no barriers is more. Why? Because I faced fear of death. This is what I faced not death. But fear of death. And when I went through that, I said, Oh God, oh, yes. All right. I feel there is nothing just to win just a cloud but there is nothing you know, there. You just go through it. Then after 12 days, I’m still alive. So everything is possible. Everything is possible. I don’t I’ve just done that everything is possible. And so at the end, I finished the book. And I told that to my team add to that to some people in there were just crazy. Eric, you’re supposed to rest and you wrote a book and you did the dry fast and your blah, blah, blah. They were crazy. And I say yes. And I really felt that it was my mission. It was my mission. I wrote this book to, to really, you know, get them through that because they’re there were so many things. You know, I was not good at writing when I was in high school. You know, I, I hated that. And, you know, that that’s literally my duty of transmission that helped me finish them because, okay, I don’t do that just for just to be popular. I don’t care. I don’t need that. I don’t want that. But you know, at the moment. Okay. Eric, you’ve learned a lot of things that you have to transmit that. So this is why I wanted to finish that mission and say, Okay, come on. Here is what’s possible. If I can do it, you can do it too.

Christine Schlonski [28:04]
Yeah, amazing. So and wrapping up this wonderful interview. Um, let me ask you, so when the book was finished, how did that get you to your next level? Because from what I understood, the biggest sale you’ve ever done at this point is a $1 million client.

Eric Béhanzin [28:27]
Yes. Actually, the book was finished in July though, experience finished in July 19 of 2017. So I finished the book at this moment. And I my first a biggest sales, my first one because after that other ones six months later, and why six months later, because I had a coaching in one of my coach told me, Eric, you don’t deserve 35,000 for 18 months. It was the former previous program you deserve. 35,000 a day.

Christine Schlonski [29:10]
That is a mindset shift.

Eric Béhanzin [29:16]
Oh, yes. Oh, yeah. I like this moment, you know, time and space just stopped like this collapse. And I said, Oh, my God. All right. Okay. And I took it. I took it for granted. I just clearly okay. There is no and because, and this is why I said because of the 12 days. Because at this at this moment, there was no limiting beliefs to prove, you know, preventing me from doing that. I just said okay, I get it. Period. That’s it. There is no fight, nothing no, because before I knew that would say, Oh, no, it’s not possible. We are in France, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. No, no, no, I just okay. Two months later, boom. I had my first contract. Just two months later, because I heard that, okay. It’s possible. Boom. And I did it.

Christine Schlonski [30:16]
And you decided, you decided it was possible for you.

Eric Béhanzin [30:19]
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Because it because, you know, a) everything is possible. See, if she tells me that, okay, let’s go for it. And boom, and the right now. And after that I had three other clients that pay me 1 million. So this is why my business literally exploded. And so after that, I could create it all the programs, 35, 12.000, 115, and so on. So our business is thriving and right now, we want to go international out of France. This is why we translated the book in English and, and all of that. And right now, we literally think of not only going international but literally, you know, explode our business in a way that, okay, we want to bring something new in the world. And before I you know, I wouldn’t even imagine that. Like, it’s kind of bold, you know, I decided, Okay, I’m going to create a company, every country I go to create a company London, Switzerland, and USA and Canada and Dubai. And, you know, all these cases and say, I want to do that. And there is no no limiting beliefs that tells me that Oh, no, it’s not possible. Maybe. No, no, I just go for it. Yeah, this is the real difference from right now and before this, to have these experience.

Christine Schlonski [31:49]
Yeah. So guys, if you want to fast for 12 days, just read Eric’s book, find it at Have fun with it, play with the ideas. And, you know, I hope that this interview really, really inspired you just don’t get shocked by the numbers if you are not there yet, right. I’m I’m not there yet. But totally inspired by what’s possible by seeing other people like real people, you can have a conversation with to do these magical things and, you know, everybody that is in personal development that wants to get their level to the next at their life to the next level that can be, you know, motivated and inspired by these amazing stories. So, thank you so, so much for being here Eric.

Eric Béhanzin [32:43]
Thank you so much, Christine.

Christine Schlonski [32:46]
And yeah, catch up soon. Yeah, thank you.

Eric Béhanzin [32:50]
Thank you.

Christine Schlonski [32:51]
Well, what an interview I hope you are so inspired and on fire and are ready for explosive growth yourself, make sure you share the word share with your friends. Let them come to Heart Sells! Podcast and get that inspiration. Make sure you hop on to where you find the podcast with all the episodes and all the amazing free gifts that we talked about here. Thank you so, so much for listening. I so appreciate you. I so appreciate that you are here that you’re ready to give more of your gifts to the world. May it be with explosive growth. Have a wonderful day wherever you are in this beautiful world. And bye for now.

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