January 28

027 How going FULL in creates crazy Results with Eric Béhanzin


Eric Béhanzin:
Business Coach specialized in explosive growth

Expert in sales of very high-end products (5 to 7 figure)

From 0 to More than 1.7 million euros in sales in 12 months

Founder of the new “Explosive Business” method

Author of the book “12 Days” (How to become rich, happy and proud of yourself)

Musical Producer and Vocal Coach of Beehann (The Voice France 2016)

Professional singer and multi-instrumentalist (piano, bass, guitar)

Expert in stage expression for over 15 years and nicknamed “Mr. Certainty.”



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Resources in this Episode:

12 Days How to become rich, happy and proud of yourself by Eric Béhanzin

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3 Key Points:

  • Having enough pain moves you forward. Eric was really sick and tired of being broke, and always struggling so he started to invest into himself with coaching.
  • Sometimes you need to make crazy decisions and to bet on the future for different results.  It was the decision that changed Eric not the fact that he was coached. Eric says: When I began to invest in myself is like, I took myself seriously like, okay, right now, this is what I deserve.
  • You have to change what you think about what you deserve in terms of money, in terms of financial and sales. That’s one of the points that really changed Eric to be able to receive a lot.
    He says: I would say the number one thing is to be able to understand what is my value

Show Notes:

[03:57] Eric talks about this first business
[04:51] I had no interest or nothing I knew nothing about profits, about margin, about sales, about spreadsheets, and all this stuff.
[05:38] I was really sick and tired of, you know, of being broke, and always struggling to pay the rent and all this stuff.
[07:32] When I began to invest in myself is like, I took myself seriously like, okay, right now, this is what I deserve.
[09:12] I really want to encourage people to change what they think about what they deserve in terms of money in terms of financial and sales.
[11:20] I would say the number one thing is to be able to understand what is my value.
[15:14] When you go out and keep the course you only need one person to say yes to you and you will have the confidence to keep going because now you know it works.
[18:14] When you go to a new business mode, if you create a new offer with new clients that you don’t know, if it’s going to work, you have to believe in something that does not exist yet.
[20:24] And the real difference between life and death is action.
[26:18] When you sell you know and you are in direct relationship with your client. So you know exactly what is the problem? What do they want? What do they need? And what what do they want more than anything they don’t have right now?


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Christine Schlonski [0:02]
Hi Gorgeous, this is episode number 027 with our amazing guests tuning in from France, Eric Béhanzin.

Eric Béhanzin [0:13]
Hi this is Eric Béhanzin, you’re listening to Heart Sells! with Christine Schlonski, enjoy.

Christine Schlonski [0:18]
I am so super excited to dive into this amazing episode today with our special guest Eric Béhanzin from France, Paris. And I love Paris. But that’s another story. And before we dive right in, I wanted to make sure you hop on over to christineschlonski.com, you will find the podcast with all the episodes there as well as a transcript, the show notes or the resources that we are mentioning here. And you can sign up for the Success Library. This is my free membership where you get all my free content. I highly, highly recommend the Sales Journaling Prompts, because they have helped me to shift my mindset and to double and triple my sales. So if you would be interested in doubling or tripling your sales and you want to use my strategies, hop on over and give it a try. So as I mentioned, Eric is from France, and he is a business coach who is specialized in explosive growth. And how do I know this? Well, he is an expert in sales of high-end products and high end we are talking five to seven figures. He made it from zero to more than 1.7 million euros in sales and only 12 months and he exceeded the $5 million mark after 18 months. So obviously, that is explosive business. And that’s also the method he has created. Also, he is the author of an amazing book called 12 Days and we will be talking about this in the interview with Eric. He is a musical producer and a vocal coach. And he was on the voice of France. As a professional singer and multi-instrumentalist, which means he plays piano, the bass, and the guitar. He is also an expert in stage expressions and has been onstage for over 15 years and that’s why his nickname is Mr. Certainty. I am so super excited to have Eric here with his amazing story. And I hope that you will be inspired, but not just a little bit, No, like explosive growth inspiration and joy. So I’m so super excited to have you here today. Eric, welcome to Heart Sells Podcast.

Eric Béhanzin [3:12]
Thank you so much, Christine.

Christine Schlonski [3:15]
And I’m so super excited to share your story just had, in a nutshell, your bio, but there’s so much more to that. And I’m just fascinated of what you have realized in your life and in your business. And as we heard your specialized on explosive growth. And you yourself have shown that to the world. And you seem so confident in making offers and selling was that always the case? Can you take us a little bit behind the scenes, like how this evolved?

Eric Béhanzin [3:57]
Yes, actually, before being an entrepreneur, I was a professional singer. So I was an artist and for most artists especially in France, we definitely have problem with money, with sales, with marketing and all that. So we are just almost allergic to money and all the stuff that because we are artist and we don’t care about this stuff, because you know, and so at this moment from it was kind of hard, you know, of course I have some you know problem relationship with money what know and so when I decided to create my first business, it was a music school. And at this moment, I was, you know, just doing things just like as, just as I feel nothing, you know, I had no interest or nothing I knew nothing about profits, about margin, about sales, about a spreadsheets, and all this stuff. I would just doing things like that and that’s it. And we are going to see and find a way and do really think that I’ve understood later I was not profitable. So I had, I had to work hard and hard and hard for so many years. My first business was this one was in 2005. So I struggled something like for eight years without really knowing what I was doing. And at the moment, I was really sick and tired of, you know, of being broke, and always struggling to pay the rent and all this stuff. And at the moment, I began to okay to invest myself in marketing, you know, to, to being really better on that. So I’ve been coach and begin to invest a lot of money at this moment. And I remember I had to invest 25,000 Euros. And at this moment, for me, it was a lot because I only had 6000 Euros in the bank account, I’m talking about the professional bank account, non-personal professional. And so I gave everything.

Eric Béhanzin [6:19]
And so it was a like a crazy decision. Because when you have 6000 the bank account, and you commit to pay 25,000 for a three-day workshop with a guy you don’t really know, marketing coach that you see in France, you’re like, Okay, I did that because I was so sick and tired of my results. And I say, okay, there is something that I don’t know, and so because of that, I think this decision and I bet on the future. So it was not logic, you know, decision. Like, no, it’s was more like from coming from my gut. And at this moment, I was so upset and so sad about all the level of life I had before. So I wanted to change that once for all. So this is why to this decision. And, and after that, I really understood that it’s the see the decision that changed me, not the fact that I’ve been coached by this guy. And, you know, I’ve been doing this for two years and invest more money and I begin to have my first results. But the real thing that when I began to invest in myself is like, I took myself seriously like, okay, right now, this is what I deserve. And this is the thing that really changed for me. Because from this moment, I begin to understand the power of not only knowledge, but changing your mindset about money, changing your mindset about yourself, and what you really, really want in your life. So I did that for years and years for maybe three, yes something like, yeah, three years. And, and so and after that, I met my one of my actual mentor JT Foxx in 2016. And something really changed because even if I add more success in my business, it was still not, you know, I was still under 100,000. So you know, it was not that great. And when I met JT Foxx, I finally understood that there is something there was a piece missing. And I had this piece and this moment, a few one year after my business really begin to explode. And so at this moment before, because I was I had this background of an artist, it was very hard for me to move into change from that, to have the success that I have right now. So I will talk about it maybe more in detail later. And this is why right now, I really want to a encouraged people to change what they think about what they deserve in terms of money in terms of financial and sales and tell them, okay, so make sure that your relationship with money when you begin a business, or when you are in business, that is not, you know, bad because if, you know, if you’re not good at that you’re going to have problems, you won’t be able to receive a lot of money. And for me, that’s one of the points that really changed me to be able to receive a lot.

Christine Schlonski [9:48]
Yeah, yeah, and your story is so mind-blowing. And, you know, just not to brag, but just to show people what’s possible. So basically you went from broke as you mentioned earlier of making ends meet to

Eric Béhanzin [10:08]
5.2 million to $5.2 million and so I created my new business, we did that for something like 18 months.

Christine Schlonski [10:19]
Yeah. So in 18 months you basically changed your business model. And you understood that investing in yourself, changing your relationship to money to receiving still staying in your heart. You know you didn’t have like this sleazy, pushy, salesy person that so many people are afraid that they need to become that in order to make money, right? So you’re still this nice guy. But now you have a strategy in place. And you know, that you are such an important component, maybe even the most important component. You make that happen and all of a sudden, within 18 months, well was everything built up before a $5.2 million dollars mark?

Eric Béhanzin [11:16]
Yeah, yeah. Yeah,I would say the number one thing is to be able to understand what is my value and what, what I learned is not first, of course, you should be able to receive a lot of money. But the other thing is, okay, what is my value? And of course, I always wanted to keep my integrity. So I asked myself, okay, what is the biggest gift I could a you know, give to my client and so I had to search in myself. Okay, so I decided to to changed my ideal client, I created a new business, I decided to do business coaching based off what I’ve learned for years and years and years as an entrepreneur and I decided to okay so first I’m going to change the thing in step number one, maximize the profits that means first I’m going to sell high-ticket. High deals in the first price was at this moment, 35,000. 35,000 euros at this moment. So without the VAT of course, so that means that for the client, the end is one thing that one of my coaches told me, he said, Okay, so I know that it could be a lot of money but my question is, how many clients do you need when you sell 35,000?

Eric Béhanzin [12:58]
And this question really change me like, Oh, my God, how many clients with 35,000, just to live? Yes, just to live, you know, pay or any bills, and, you know, eat all this stuff? How much? Maybe one? Maybe two? Okay, I can say three just to make sure, but not more. And he told me, okay, so how many do you think that you can find three clients in one year? So of course, I can find three times in one year at 35,000. Of course, I feel that it’s not going to be easy. But of course, I can do that. So we say, Okay, let’s so let’s go for it. And so I decided to go for it. And what happened is that the first month I talked about it, but the first month I had zero sale, second month zero sale, third month zero sale. And I know that a lot of people will give up at this moment, say, okay, it’s not working, it’s too much money. I don’t deserve it. Or people don’t believe it. And I went through I went through all of that. But I still, you know, kept on doing it. And, you know, I’m going to find my first client, I know that I have a massive value I can give to my client. So I will find in the first time that I had you told me, okay, yes, let’s go for it. I was so happy and say, okay, just send me the contract. And we will, we will be fine. But I had no contract at this moment. Because I was just selling something that I didn’t create before. So I spend the whole day you know, asking all my clients, entrepreneurs, and there is a one of my entrepreneurs were more specialized in contracts and stuff. Okay, send me some. And so I sent the contract to this client who told to me Yes, let’s go for it. And what happened at this moment? I didn’t know that the next week after that, he would cancel. I didn’t know that.

Eric Béhanzin [15:14]
But because he told me Yes, I had the confidence that okay, somebody told me. Yes. So it’s possible, but it’s not, you know, it’s, it’s just a yes. It’s not a contract sign, there’s no money in the bank account. But for me at this moment it was okay: So I did it once, so now I can do another one. And so what happened I had I had another appointment and this one I really close them. So I really had the money in the bank account. So when the other canceled, it was okay, because I really had the second one. And what happened that really transformed me when I so the money in the bank account, I literally took a screenshot of it. You know sent to my a friends and say all, Yes, I had my first clients and with the VAT was 42,000. And I sent it you know, wow, it’s possible. Something really changed at this moment. Because it’s not just the Yes, it’s just something in your bank account. The money’s yours in somebody trusted you on that. So right now, you have to deliver what you promised. But you just have to focus on that don’t care about the rest. Don’t care about the money don’t get because right now, the only focus it’s about delivering what you promised. I said, Oh, wow. So I did that. And it was really a it was a amazing moment and amazing journey with this client. And what happened after that I had another client and another one and another one and another one. Because when you did the first one, you meet your first you know, high ticket sales sale, that there’s something that you know, unlock your head unlocking your mindset. So right now, you’re your confidence change, you’re trusting yourself change. And so right now, you know that it’s possible. So you do it with, you know, with courage and with, you know, really great confidence. And so after that, I have my other clients, and then I, I went on my journey of my 12 days journey.

Christine Schlonski [17:33]
Yeah, before we dive into that, let’s just take it a step back. Because people might say: Well, okay, so he went three months without the client in the fourth months somebody said, Yes. and then magically, there was another person that said, Yes, and that actually signed and transferred the money. Yeah, what did you do? Like, what did it take to go that time putting in everything you you had, like, the hard work, believe in yourself, like, what did it take to make that deal happen?

Eric Béhanzin [18:14]
A lot of persistence, because when you go to a new business model, if you create a new offer with new clients that you don’t know, if it’s going to work, you have to believe in something that does not exist yet. And for a lot of people, it’s so weird. Like, it’s and this is how I tell that to my client, to the client, I coach, I tell them, okay, there is a huge difference between the reality that you live and the truth. The truth is, who you really are. The reality is what you live and there is a massive difference between both. It’s not because you don’t have the results right now that you deserve, that you are not this amazing person is this amazing entrepreneur. And so in myself, I had, you know, there, there was this fight between both between what I want, what I know that I am and what I live. And so at the moment, you have to be able to claim who you really are above what you live to make sure that at the moment, you really live what you are, who you are and so receive what you want. So you have to do both. This is why I said because, of course, there’s a lot of people who use and they talk about what they called the law of attraction. And I prefer to talk about the law of massive action. Because it’s not just about because even if you doubt, go with your doubt, even if you have fears, go with your fears. Because if, you know, stay there and spend too much time just asking yourself a do I deserve it, or I am sure all it’s not perfect, and so on. There is no action. And the real difference between life and death is action. It’s all about that it’s movement. So you have to move and move in move. And when you move life gives you what you want to life gives you what you really ask. And when I say ask in a way that you ask with your actions, not just about thinking about it is it’s about taking actions. And in the thing is when you take action, somebody tells you, okay, so I don’t understand your offer. Or somebody says: Okay, so what an authority do you have? Or somebody asked you, okay, what is your credibility and all this stuff. So at the moment, you have to refine and refine your pitch and refine your pitch, again, refine your pitch. So before for years, I was shy, but at this moment, I begin to go to networking events, just to connect to people just to pitch to them, and to find a client so I had to, you know, get out of myself, you know, get out of my comfort zone. And so go to somebody and go to somebody else and go to somebody else and I did that for three months in and go to events and go to seminars and in go to VIP seminars and meet the high paying clients to make sure that I’m gonna I’m going to find the right person. So yes, it was really, of course, it was difficult, it was difficult because you believe it’s something that does not exist and that you don’t see yet then, you know, of course, you have to stay focused on that. And never, never, never, ever let go.

Christine Schlonski [22:07]
Hmm, yeah, that’s such that that is such beautiful advice. So do you know approximately, like how many people you had to actually talk to make that offer to that one person said yes,

Eric Béhanzin [22:24]
I would say maybe between kinda approximate maybe 50 or 60%, maybe more maybe more, literally, you know a lot of people. Because I did a lot of events and a lot of places and if people you know say okay Why not? And somebody tells you oh no I don’t have the money or you don’t keep the you don’t give the price first and then you sell yourself sell in the when he’s ready to close it give the price person is angry about you. This is what really happened to me the personal was angry because she she to me that I don’t have the money for that. Why didn’t Why didn’t you tell me before and from that moment, I decided to say okay, so right now I’m going to talk about the price as quick as possible, you know, because I will share that I will defuse the bomb. And right now, when I say to people, okay, so we have a coaching group, it’s 35,000 a year and there is four immersions of three days. Okay, so I’m just so you know, a relax, because right now, I don’t, you know, I don’t have to push because the person already knows what it’s about. So there is no surprise anymore. And of course, in right, I’ve got bigger prices, 150K or 1 million. And so this is right now, I have no complex about talking about money right now. So this is why it’s easier. But at this moment, I have to talk about to a lot, I’ve talked to a lot of people, a lot of people and again and again and refine my pitch and do that and refine my pitch and do that refine my pitch. So I had to create a technique to have a 32 second pitch to a convince somebody to persuade somebody literally in 30 seconds. So I created a like a little blueprint personal blueprint, to make sure that people just boom, just get it all while you do that. It’s really interesting. Can you talk to me more about that? And so I have to, to find something in this is the the things that I’ve not only invented, but I taught to my clients to help them sell to and at the moment it is that so that yes, it’s working. So the thing is that the good thing when you there’s a lot of people that tells you that tell you no. You finally you have to understand Okay, so I had to get out of my shoes and put it in somebody else’s shoes. Tell me what’s the big problem? What is the number one question? The thing is, when you live it, they just tell you. IT’s they don’t believe it or they don’t understand, or they don’t want it or they’re not interested in at the moment. You finally understand who is your ideal right and so I had to go to the market and I you know, just created an ideal client in my mind but the market gave me somebody else. The market give me another ideal client in a lot of people begin to come to me and you know, I was thinking about a guy maybe 45 and the and the people came to me they were like 32 so it’s totally different and so you have another understanding of the market so for me right now it’s really important to sell first, then deliver, then sell, them deliver, then sell, them deliver even product is not ready because when you sell when we say sell its I’m talking about to pitch, to sell and close the deal. When you sell you know and you are in direct direct relationship with your client. So you know exactly what is the problem? What do they want? What do they need? And what what do they want more than anything they don’t have right now? And so when you know that and you really know what motivates them and not talking about their brain I’m talking about their gut you know something really prevent them from sleeping and all this stuff. So at this moment, you have the understanding of what they really want and they okay so I can give that to you.

Eric Béhanzin [26:56]
So yes in the chapters in the chapter six of my book 12 Days I talked about that literally just rewrote a whole script or whole sales script between you and your client you your client, you your client what you have to say and some my clients they really make money sosomeone of my clients we do the feeding immersion is she makes 68,800 Euros just by using the script and she was literally reading the book with the client on the phone so it was it was crazy so yes, that’s good to to do that when you’re don’t have the fear of rejection. So it’s good to do that, because I had a lot of problems to close before so

Christine Schlonski [27:46]
And we dive right into that a little bit deeper in a moment just for people to know: So you wrote a book

Eric Béhanzin [27:55]

Christine Schlonski [27:56]
It’s called 12 Days and people can have a look at www.12days.co to check that out. And yeah, definitely make sure you listen into the next interview because Eric and I were going to go deeper on the book and all the success secrets so that you can take ideas and implement them and your business to get a higher level of success. Thank you so much for being here, Eric, and talk to you soon.

Eric Béhanzin [28:30]
Thank you so much, Christine.

Christine Schlonski [28:33]
I just love this conversation this Eric about the value, about how you can step up, how you really can change your internal setting to go for the big success, to not fear the big success but to embrace it and I am super excited to have him back for the next episode. So make sure you tune in and best would be just to subscribe and if you wanted to leave a review and also make sure that you check out the transcript, the show notes and other resources we talked about at christineschlonski.com. Thank you so much for tuning in. Have a wonderful day wherever you are in this beautiful world. And bye for now.

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