November 2

Are you enjoying the “Little Things” in life? 


Today, I remembered being at a seminar (some years ago) the presenter mentioned on how you need to learn to enjoy the little things in life, so you would prepared to handle the big things in life. He said “If you can’t handle the little things the Universe will not provide you with the big ones.”

How true this for you right now?

Are you REALLY enjoying the “little things’ in life that bring you the greatest joy?

It’s like being a kid with an ice cream. The kid gets one scoop, is happy but right outside the ice cream place the kid drops accidentally the ice cream. Now there are tears and what do you do? Well you go back to get another ice cream. Now the kid sees that there is an offer for 5 scoops with whipped cream on top and the kid asks for this ice cream…… Would you get it for the kid?

Well… how do you expect the kid (yourself) to handle this ice cream (life event), if it can’t handle a single scoop?

Every moment is an opportunity.
An opportunity of choice.


If you can’t handle the small, how do you expect to handle to the big stuff?
You won’t know what to do!

It is a process you can grow into.
It is a process you can learn from.
It is a process you can lean into.

So, PAY ATTENTION to what you think you can handle versus what you can handle and build from there.

I believe: EVERYTHING happens for a reason.

There is a reason for everything that happens FOR you.

Let’s say, someone wins the lottery (YAY) and then loses everything super fast and someone else who is a self-made millionaire, knows how to grow their money, and knows how to repeat that, plus making it on repeat to in case they lose it.

That is the difference.

Don’t worry. You CAN change this story.

Pay ATTENTION to what the small things are, be appreciative and grateful. Every day be grateful, happy and kind. Because you’ll bring MORE or BETTER things into your life. Being at this vibration ATTRACTS those things into your life. So, be a vibrational match to the outcome you want.

I value everything I have and it has become a process for me.
I value who I’ve become, it’s been a process for me.
I value each step, because I know wholeheartedly that every.single.step has brought me to where I am today.


Yes! There has been some experiences that I probably could have done without, or that in the moment itself I did not see the value of the lesson.

Looking back… makes me even more grateful because I can see the big picture. I can see what the sweat, the tears, the fear, the dialogues in my head where for. And all of it has made me stronger and helped me upgrade to my next best version.

So Gorgeous, take a look into the mirror and notice what you see!
Who is that person looking back at you?
Do you love her?
Do you appreciate her?
Do you accept her?

FORGIVE YOURSELF for all the stupid stuff you have done, for all your mistakes, for all your failures. They helped you grow and besides they are in the past so you can’t change a thing about them.

Now is a new moment!
Now is the universe waiting to support you.
Now is the time to change and to make a decision.
Because all your POWER is in the NOW.

Stop JUST Dreaming. Act NOW!


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