August 3

Drop the STRUGGLE!


Drop the STRUGGLE!

Yes that is right!
If you struggle in any of the areas in your life you just need to drop that struggle.
You struggle because you want to!
You struggle because you have decided to!
You struggle because you think you have to!
You struggle because you are NOT listening to you heart!
You struggle because you are following your darn ego!

Let’s face the truth. If you will only follow your heart everything would be in alignment.
If you only follow your heart everything would be light and full of joy.

But somehow you decided to follow your head, your ego. You decided to follow the norm. You decided to follow the rules you didn’t make and that is draining you. That is taking your energy, your joy, and your life juices.

And then you wonder why in the world you struggle.

Well surprise!
You need to step up and you need to shine.
We are all Masterpieces. I believe we all have a gift to share with the world but this only comes out if you are willing to put it out, if you are willing to step up and to shine so people can SEE you. If you are willing to share your gift with the world. If you keep hiding like you are doing it right now and you go with all the other “normal zombie” people you will just struggle because that is what they do!

They struggle financially.
They struggle in their relationships.
They struggle with their bodies.
They struggle with their health.
They struggle with their jobs.
They struggle with their energy.
They struggle and struggle and struggle so more and they create more struggle through struggle.


They do not do anything about it.
They do not decide.
They go with what everybody else does. They go with the norm and a believe system they never checked for their truth and for alignment.

That is where the word normal comes from. When the majority of people do something it becomes normal.

Normal is not extraordinary. Which is totally fine. Each and everyone decide for themselves.
There is no wrong or right. BUT there needs to be a decision for you. Which way do you want to go? Which path are you willing to choose? How strong is your faith? What are you deciding?

Are you deciding for lack, fear, struggle, of not being enough?


Would you love to go for love, bliss, flow, happiness?

It is up to you!
It is all up to your thinking!
If you can free yourself from fears, you can operate on a different level. You can come from a place of love and joy and this place has different decisions in place a different potential to live in.

If you can allow yourself to tell your truth and to live your truth, fear will go away because your heart has the answers. Your heart already knows. So break through.
Shine! Shine your light and your beauty.

As soon as you can see your strength, your beauty, your uniqueness you don’t need to fear to lose anything like your job, your relationship, wealth….. Because you know that you will find a way to make money. You know your worth and you can sell your worth to someone else. You do not depend on anybody.

As soon as you have stepped into your power you are not needy of a relationship. You can choose to be in a beautiful relationship because you chose to but not because you think you have to.

You can choose to take good care of yourself and your body. You can chose health and you can put in the energy to find out how to maintain your body, how to fuel your body, work your body, enjoy your body.

So what are you going for Gorgeous?

For me it is pretty simple (not always easy 😉 ) but SIMPLE!

I chose LOVE and alignment! I chose HEART over EGO.

If I am not the norm?
Totally fine?
If normal people don’t get me, totally fine!

I can live with that “loss”. I figured out by now that there are many, many people like me. Some are already out and shine and inspire and uplift. Others are afraid but have started their journey. I know they are out there. I have connected to a few and the few know a few and I will connect to them as well. And all of a sudden I am not thinking that I am alone on that journey. All of a sudden things line up for me.

So you are never alone on that journey. Start your journey and things and people will align. Follow your heart and you will feel who to connect with, who to listen to, from whom to learn.

Create your life!

Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!


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