July 7

Don’t put CONDITIONS on your feelings!


Don’t put CONDITIONS on your feelings!

Have you done that before? I’ll be feeling ……. when I have …….or achieved …….

I have been guilty of that. When I have my next promotion I will feel proud of myself. When I get my next pay raise, I will feel happy.
When I achieved ….. I will feel strong.

So what is wrong with that?

Simple, you only allow yourself to feel the feelings you really want when you actually have achieved your goal. BUT without feeling the feelings first you are not a vibrational match for your goal and you will not attract it with ease.

You will work you butt off, you will struggle and hustle only to notice when and if you achieve your goal you are totally exhausted, tired and don’t feel your desired feelings in the way you thought you would when you started out.


Well, it happened to me so many times. And sometimes today still I catch myself putting a condition on certain outcomes. Luckily I now catch myself and and I go within and find my desired feelings and try to feel them first.

I don’t know if you have seen my little post yesterday where I am getting my nails done. I wear a beautiful bracelet someone gave me, because they knew my teachings, saw the bracelet, thought of me and made me a gift.

My bracelet says: ALL I NEED IS WITHIN ME

This is true of each and everyone of us. You and I we have it all within us. We only need to find a way to unleash this stuff, find our feelings we really want to feel from within and not from the outside. Once you found your feelings within, the outside will be a reflection.

At the beginning of my now 17 years relationship, I still needed some kind of validation. I wanted to feel loved and appreciated. And I kinda matched what I was seeing in relationships around me. Things like; if he loves me he does……, he says…… he proves…..and all this BS that brings people together to simply learn a lesson.

The lesson is: if you feel it inside it’s real and the outside will reflect. I learned my lesson, I learned that I am loved no matter what the actions of my husband are. He loves me. I stopped putting conditions on our relationship. Because I feel the feelings of love and in love and happy, worthy, enough and appreciated already within ME. So I basically don’t need him and therefore I can allow the relationship to flow and I do not need to make it complicated. We both give us space and we grow together where each of us can just be. This is so freeing to realizes this.

If you can give yourself all the feelings you want to feel despite the outside world, you will attract what you are looking for.

Start today feeling worthy, happy, enough, loving, in love, successful, rich, healthy, sexy, balanced, save, blissful…..

Whatever it is you want to feel. This is how you tune into the vibration. This is how you change your energy. And this is how you attract exactly what you want.

The only thing you NEED to do! Do the MINDSET work!

Stop JUST reaming, act NOW!


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