August 6

Do you have something to offer to the world?


Do you have something to offer to the world?


In case you are wondering how to answer this question, let me answer it for you!




It is a clear YES and for SURE and 100%!


No exceptions!

You do!

We all do!


The thing is: If you can’t find it, it is because it comes so easy to you that you do not notice.

Because it is easy for you does not mean it is easy for other people.

And that is where our mind plays you a trick. That is our blind spot.


I had to hire a coach to fully see my potential. I had to do programs online and offline to discover my gifts. I had to listen carefully to catch on to my WOW-Factor. I could not see what was right in front of ME.


I am quite sure for you it is the same.


Why would you even guess that something that comes natural to you would be hard for others, right?


So on your journey to find out who you really are you need the following things:


  • you need to listen, carefully and all the time
  • you need to tune in and listen to your heart
  • you need to observe the world around you
  • you need to observe your inner world
  • you need to feel the world around you – the pain and the joy
  • and last but not least, get over yourself and get some help! Use other people’s talents and gift to show you your potential NOW! Don’t waste that much time!


For me it took forever to accept the fact that I can’t do everything on my own. I did hold the believe that I am not strong enough or not good enough if I ask for help, if I get a coach or mentor.


I really had to hit that glass ceiling several times and I had to hit it hard until I was finally, finally ready to listen, to accept and to ask for HELP.


Today I just wonder why in the world did it take so long to figure it out? At the same time, well duhhhh – it took me so long because I needed it to be where I am right now. So that is a fact. I needed that experience, I needed that learning to finally develop into the person I am today. Also I know that the journey continuous and that my development never, ever stops.


And we all do. We all need our story because our story makes us unique, because our story and how we solved things shows us our gifts and talents.

You will not discover them sitting on the couch watching TV.


So Gorgeous, just in case you are still wondering if you are SPECIAL….


Yes, you are!

You are a Masterpiece!

You are unique!

And you have something special to give to the world.


Sometimes it can be just a tiny thing like a smile to a stranger, sometimes you can build schools around the world, sometimes it is just one act of kindness and sometimes you discover a whole new reality and life you want to live.


Whatever it is for you, follow your heart!

Listen to those who have done it!

Those who have changed their lives.

Those who are happy and fulfilled from within.

Listen to your heart and you will see/feel that there is a new world waiting for you.

Take all your courage and have a look Gorgeous!

You only have one life and there is no rewind and repeat so go for the real thing now.


Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!






If you would be interested in working with me – personally 1:1, send me a PM. We will have a chat on where you are right now, where you want to go, what I can do for you and if we are a match. I will let you know how we can work together if we are a match and how I can be your catalyst on your amazing journey to your dreams.



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