August 20

Do you feel behind?


Do you feel behind?


Sometimes I feel behind. Do you know this feeling? You see your friends, colleagues or “competitors” and you feel like you are very, very much behind.


You start asking yourself why you even do the work?
And why they should come to you anyway and buy from you?….


Well, I know I have been there and sometimes I go to this place and it never feels good.


The secret is: It is ALL fine the way it is right now. YES, RIGHT NOW!


You are where you are supposed to be.


What you can do right now is to STOP to compare yourself!


YES, just stop. You know why? Well- you are you! The other person is the other person.
You are different.


I do not believe in the word “competitor” that is why I keep writing it with quotation marks.


We need to understand there is no such thing as a competitor.


Yes, there might be people offering the services you offer BUT it is not the same.
They are different, they are unique – just as you are.


They have a different style, a different method to teach, a different way of delivery of their services and a different kind of vibe.


STOP comparing. You would not start to compare an Apple with a Pear, would you?
Both are fruits, right?


There will be a person who has listened maybe to 100 people telling her the very same thing, the SAME thing, but than she listens to you and all of a sudden it clicks, all of a sudden she gets the message.


I am sure you can relate! You get one message over and over and over again, especially the lessons you need to learn and if you don’t get it you get the same thing in a different place, space, from a different person….


UNTIL you learn your LESSON.


Just think of the beauty of this SECRET. Isn’t it great?
Your soulmate clients, relationships, people will find you. They will listen to you, they will work with you because you are able to deliver to them.


So who cares if someone appears more glamorous or advanced?
They have their lessons and you have yours.


We all feel stuck from time to time and then we all feel ahead of the game from time to time.

It is your choice. Your decision.


I can tell you. It is much smarter to let go of all the stress, to accept that you are in the right place and that you are open to learn.


Because if you are open to learn you might get some things done faster and you do not need to re-take the lesson 10 times, like always ending up in the “wrong” relationship, always getting difficult clients, always feeling unsure….


Turn inside and ask yourself: What lesson is to be learned in order to move forward? What holds me back?


It can be so many things.
For me at one point it was the fear of being successful…..


I mean, can you imagine?
Why would someone who wants success be afraid of getting what she wants?


Well after some deep inner work I knew that if I was wildly successful in the way I wanted to be I had to let go of things and people in my life. And somehow I felt that this was dangerous for me.
That I did not want that change. That I was hesitant.


So from the outside I did everything I needed to do, but from the inside I was sabotaging myself and of course I did not get the results. Only when I managed my inner game the results came.


I made more sales, I got my soulmate clients, clients came back on repeat…… and I did stop to compare myself.


So if you are in a similar place:

Take a deep breath!
Relax your shoulders!
Take another deep breath and say with me:


Everything is fine!

I am in the right place at the right time and I am willing to open up now.
I am willing to learn my lesson and to move forward.
I am happy right now.
I see all I have achieved.
I am willing to change and I embrace all my learnings.


So learn your lesson, have FUN doing it and be in FLOW. The easier and more natural this comes to you the more you know that you are in alignment and that you are on the right course.



Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!





If you want to move ahead, learn faster and have your own mentor and coach to help you see your blind-spots and to help you to level up, let’s have a conversation.
I have 2 places for private 1:1 mentoring.


I help especially heart-centered, driven entrepreneurs, coaches, leader and creatives who choke, feel anxious or morally wrong when making an offer to their ideal client and ask for money to transform their emotional world into making offers with confidence and a sale with ease and grace.
Transforming your emotional world will help you to get your products and services into the world where the belong and give you the freedom to live a lifestyle you are looking for.


So if:


You have enough of NOT making the money you want to make!
You have enough of great conversations with NO conversions.
You have enough of helping but NOT getting paid.
You have enough of lost opportunities.
You have struggled enough.


With over 11 years of high-ticket sales experience on the phone, I went from Sales Executive to Sales Director in only 7 years building and training sales teams, making millions for the company I work for and being for years in the top performer list globally.


My background as an Integral Coach and E.F.T. Practitioner coupled with my high ticket sales experience, has given me the tools to teach, support, and help you get sales results.
With practice and guidance, I’ll support you to make that shift from blocked and limited to knowing and confident. Making offers becomes fun and exciting. Owning your value, and the value of your work, you CAN sell with ease and grace, in total alignment, to get your special product and service into the world where it belongs.


Want to know more? Book a free strategy session here:


If no time fits your needs send me a PM and we’ll work it out.



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