May 10

Do You Ask for Help When Needed?


Hi Gorgeous,

One of the hardest things I had to learn was asking for help. I always thought I had to do it all myself.

Who would I be when I ask for support?
Not smart enough…

…To be honest I don’t even remember what went on in my head but I know that I have changed it and that my life became so much easier.

Many, many of you struggle with asking for help. I know that, I see that I feel that.
We make live much harder than it needs to be.

Asking for help does not diminish us.
They way we might see it does.

We are all whole, wonderful, great, smart, perfect…
We only have different gifts and talents and together you can create so much more.

Each time I ask for help and support I am amazed what comes out of it. I get things I want to do done faster.
I learn faster.
I manifest faster.
Life becomes easier.
Life is more fun and it feels lighter.
The whole thing has a different energy to it.
It feels like an upward spiral.

Also the person who will step in and help you is lifted up since you allowed them to share their gift with you.

Imagine that!

Right now: Can you just close your eyes and take a deep breath and think of the last person you supported?

What comes to mind?
Do they talk to you?
Smile at you?
Appreciate you?
Are they happier?
Did their eyes lit up?
Do the praise you?
Did they give you a testimonial?.

For me this is one of the most rewarding feelings. Getting that “thank you look” in peoples’ face, knowing I touched their lives.

REMEMBER: We all are here to serve, to make the world a better place and it STARTS with you!

Yes, Gorgeous – It all starts with you!
Esp. when you are a GIVER you need to learn to ask for HELP and SUPPORT!

How can you expect people flocking into your business, if you don’t ask for support?

Like attracts like!
IF YOU WANT MORE PEOPLE to ask YOU for HELP, than start doing it yourself.

I can promises you there is NOTHING wrong with asking for support.
It should be the most natural thing to do.

What would be ONE tiny thing you can ask for support today?

Sit down and make a list and write down what you truly want to get support with.
If you are having a difficult time asking for help, start with something small.



Get out there and allow these other wonderful people with amazing gifts to share them with you. And feel how wonderful it feels, how empowering for both of you.

Have an amazing day and don’t forget:

Stop JUST dreaming. Act NOW!


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