October 4



You find yourself deciding on whether to YES or say NO. NOT making a decision is a decision that is costing you time, sales and your sanity!

Making decisions with no directions, just randomly how do you expect you to achieve your goals?

Shiny Object ahead 

You are lost in NOT KNOWING WHAT YOU WANT: Which means you never really reach your goals. They just become dreams, things off the distance.

You’ve GOT TO GET CLEAR on what you WANT, otherwise how is the Universe or even you know what you want. You are missing opportunities to grow, to expand and to learn.

Quite often these opportunities are so shiny, desirable and you run towards them. You buy, buy, buy or find something online that you think will help you. Some of them sound so good and would benefit you… You want to say ‘Yes!’



You know deep down in your heart of hearts, you should say NO.
I can assure you, saying NO is not so easy and it does not feel good at times and yes, some people are not going to get it and some will be upset with you but you have to know exactly what YOU want, where you want to go.

So, how do you find clarity in what you are doing:

1/ Make sure your prioritize on the right things for YOU.
2/ Make sure you do not allow any distractions on your way to YOUR dreams.
3/ Put your goals, dreams and visions somewhere you are working, where you always are so you can see them every day.

Having laser-like focus, clarity and self-love you can just SAY NO and really ask yourself: Is this going to help me, serve me or is going to be another checklist or PDF to download that clutters my computer?

Remember: a plain simple NO is enough. You do not need to feel like you need to explain two hours why you are saying NO. You just say NO and thank you.

Start saying NO today and begin being mindful of your time.

To be able to do that you need to have clarity and you need to know your values. What is important to you?

So get out your journal and start writing it all out.
Paint a vivid and fun picture of your future YOU. Get that picture into your mind and whenever an opportunity comes your way you ask yourself:

Is this moving me forward to my dreams or not?

Well, if it doesn’t move you forward then you need to say NO.
(Pretty simple success rule- right?)

You might feel bad about the NO in the first place, but in the long run you will feel much better, because you did what was right for you. You were in ALIGNMENT.
So I invite you to pay very close attention to you saying YES and NO.

You are here to life an amazing life and to fulfill your dreams. So start your journey, dream your dreams and take that required action!

Don’t forget:

Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!

If you agree, type NO in the comments.
If you feel that someone else needs to hear this message, then please share.


PS: For more clarity I have this amazing guided meditation for you! If you don’t have it yet, grab it. Only a short time available for free, then it will go in my meditation bundle and you can purchase it.


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