March 6

Creating My Reality


Starting my day is always fun, now. I start with journalling to get really, really clear. I made this a habit. I made this non-negotiable. I made it a MUST. I leveled up on my standard. Because I have learned that only with clarity you can reach your dreams.

The reason for this is pretty simple, if you do not know where you start and where you want to go, you have NO chance. When journalling I make decisions of how I want to be, what I want to achieve, how I want to feel, what I want to experience, how I want my day to be, what I want to have…..

With all that clarity it is easier to create your day and day by day your life, because you are able to go form reacting to creating. So, you might ask: Is your day like you write it down in the mornings?
Well no, most of the times its not as I have written it down, BUT I know where I want to go and can make a conscious decision from moment to moment.

By journalling,
I own my day,
I own my life,
I own my power,
I own my dreams.
If you are not already journalling, Start!

Start now!
There is no time to be wasted.
Have the live you want to have.
Feel the feelings you want to feel.
Be the person you would love to be around with.
Have the things you want to have.
It all starts with clarity.
You get so much more energy out of journalling. You get so many things done.
feel amazing by doing so. You get into the flow, you get the energy and you have what it takes.
You need to start now!
Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!


If you need support, I take on 2 VIP-clients for 1:1 coaching with me.
Send me a PM and get in touch.


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