June 28

Creating Impact In Your Life


Hi Gorgeous,
I was just sitting outside in the summer sun eating some lunch. I had to pinch myself to check in if I was dreaming OR if this was my reality….

Was I really sitting outside with birds chirping, flowers blooming, nature all around me instead of sitting at desk in a closed office with air conditioning, lots of noise, different smells, phones ringing and all these demands and needless meetings?

I took a deep breath because not long ago that was my day.
This was my Monday to Friday routine.
It was fine at the time. Over the years of climbing the corporate ladder, I realized that I was not living up to my true potential, and knowing I have all this passion inside of me. Yet, I felt restricted, playing by the rules set up others because they were in the position to do so – NOT because they knew what was going on.
For me, I wanted to make a BIGGER IMPACT!
I wanted to have time freedom, to create my day and live my life on my terms.

I started to manifest.

I tuned into my passion, into flow and alignment each day.
And I checked in with my heart then I took aligned action, one step at the time.

I WAS DONE with playing small, not speaking my truth, not living my potential.

At the same time I was fearful of what would happen when I let go of a good 6 figure job, that I had worked so hard in and for.
You know I did like my job and was was darn good at it – well actually I was brilliant.
BUT I was not fulfilled. This emptiness inside, the energy drain, the one too many blabla meetings to sit in….

Sounds familiar?

Well Gorgeous, you don’t need to have a job to be in this position. If you, I hope you are thinking about a way out.
So often when I talk to mission-driven coaches, holistic healers, consultants or creatives who are amazing artisits and give it their ALL I see that they struggle.

They started their business to change the world, to have a big impact, to enjoy time and money freedom, to create the lifestyle of their dreams and leave a mark. They thought it will all be fun and it will feel aligned.

But NOW, they have crazy schedules because they think working harder will make the difference, the next client will make the difference…. They are not spending enough time with the people who mean most to them – their spouse, their children, their friends and family.
They work their butts off and they STILL struggle. They lose their light, their passion and enthusiasm each day a bit more?


They are missing one very important piece – maybe THE most important piece.

That is making SALES!

>>Yes I said the bad word: SALES.<<

I know you want to stop reading now, but don’t Gorgeous!
Don’t stop! Keep reading. This is for you, to support you, to pour into you.

Most heart-centered people I know are afraid of sales in one form or another.

**SALES** will make the difference in your business and your life. Making SALES will take you from hobby (coaching and serving for free or little money) to a world where you can serve more, give more, have more, enjoy more and have the freedom you always wanted. Living your purpose, having passion and enthusiasm for what you do, and making the difference, having the IMPACT.

If I would say screw the word SALES – we just replace it with SERVE – How does that feel?

I think now you are in the game because that is what you want, that is what your heart desires – you want to serve and you want to give.
You did not go out to be mediocre- right?
I hear you.
I know what it feels like and I know that making a shift going through a transformation is not necessarily easy. I have been there and I got the T-shirt. I have struggled for years until I found a solution.
So stay with me.

Here is what you can do right now:
-> Take a deep breath.
-> Relax
-> Think about the many ways you are serving and supporting people.
-> Think about the smiles on their faces when they get their desired outcomes and they thank you.
-> Take another deep breath and get your journal.
-> Now, write down how do you FEEL when serving?
-> How do you feel with receiving love and gratitude for the gifts you are sharing with the world?
-> When you done with these questions, write down what holds you from serving more. Is it fear? Is it that you don’t know how? Is it that you don’t have a great offer? Is your offer not packaged well enough so people buy? Is it because you can’t say your price?

What hold you back Gorgeous?

Write it down, be honest. I am not going to read it 
Know that I am her for you.

*** I have created a webinar just that you can get started, that you can tap into my knowledge, into my mindset, into my energy of creating millions over the phone by talking to complete strangers- any other way of sales is only going to be easier than cold calls over the phone- I promise!

>>> Join my webinar here: <<<

Sales is Love!
Discover the No.1 Thing YOU are already doing well in your business but subconsciously and how you can use this to change your Sales Conversation into Fun Conversations that convert your prospects into happy and excited clients.

What you’ll discover on this webinar is easy to follow and implement, you’ll learn:
*Why your Sales-Mindset is not serving you or your customers
*How to look at sales through a different lens, so that you can have fun conversations and make offers with confidence
*What sales really is for you and your clients and why you will love it

Make sure you tell your team members, your business besties, your friends and family. Tell everyone you know that might secretly choke when making an offer, can’t confidently say their price, freezes-up a little, feels uneasy when selling… or tell people who just want more sales, would love to raise their prices, serve more and give more and want to give their gifts to the world in a big way to make an IMPACT.

I promise you that this will make a difference in your life and by that a difference in the lives of the people you will touch.
… So don’t wait another day.
… Show up!
… Claim your spot now.


Stop JUST dreaming. Act NOW!

Christine Schlonski

PS: Also if you feel that you’ll need a deep dive in your business right NOW, that you are READY to get support PM me. (http://m.me/stopjustdreamingactnow )
I have 2 spots within the next 3 weeks for a VIP-Day with me.
That means a whole day – you and me – online or offline, you have me analyze your processes, sales conversations, help you packaging, help you getting more clarity and focus on your offers, clientele, products and services so that you can make offers with confidence, make more sales with ease and grace and support more customers with your gifts! Send me a PM and lets have a conversation.


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