July 18

Connection and Love


Connection and Love,

I simply don’t know where to start….¬†How to find the words to describe which incredible things have happened over the last 2 days and how I feel.
This morning I tried to journal on all that magic, which was quite an interesting process for me.
So I guess what it all comes down to is to allow myself to receive, to allow myself to be in flow, to let things happen, to let a magic unfold and to happily accept that magic, be grateful and to take it in, to allow yourself to be touched and open and vulnerable.
Yesterday I traveled from Sedona to Flagstaff to see another beautiful friend of mine Sarica Cernohous, autor of the funky kitchen and to join Colin MacLeod on this workshop at the Celtic Festival where new friends from Sedona joined in and we had another beautiful little private concert later that night together with a very gifted drummer Ramanuj Basu.
It is incredible to see on which deep level people connected through music. How it is possible to strip layers, to leave out the small talk and to dive into conversations about purpose in life.
Going with the flow, to allow to truly connect and not being afraid of being inadequate or not enough is such an empowering thing. To see and feel and live your truth of who you are, makes magic possible. Authenticity!
I love to invite you to open up. To speak your truth. This way you will find the people who resonate with you. Even if you just have met and briefly connected it is such a deep connection with the feeling that you knew them all your life. And you just can’t comprehend that you have just met an hour ago.
So at the end, Sedona gave me so much more than I had aspired and of cause in a totally different way. That is life and I knew it deep down inside already.
It is so funny. Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you gonna get. And again, things will not be as expected, but if you can stay open, stay open to the potential that will unfold in the best way for you and everybody then you create magic!
A simple act of kindness will change your world. A tiny step out of your way will lead to new opportunities and magic that you even haven’t thought of.
So embrace the moment, be centered, be you.
Own the Masterpiece that you are.
Own your beauty and your perfection.
Own your truth and your deepest desires.
Own you life and step up. Step up into the light and shine it.
Make your dreams come true.
Allow magic in your life. See the illusion and remember:
Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!
Love from Flagstaff,

My gift to you: my free meditation, download here: https://christineschlonski.com/getyourmeditation/


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