March 13

Today Is A GREAT Day


Because I choose to make it great!
Why do you think we have “good” and “bad” days?
Why do we have a “bad” hair day?
Why do we have a “bad” attitude day?
Why are we not loving ourselves in the morning when looking into the mirror?
Well gorgeous, it’s simple:
we choose to!
That is the reality! It is our decision!
But hold on, you will say: NEVER will I choose to feel bad!
BUT you didn’t make another choice, did you?
You didn’t do anything to change your state did you?
What you might not be aware of is that you always have a choice!
You can influence each and every feeling you feel.
you need to be aware.
So let me tell you what I do:
I recognize the feeling. I feel into it and I ask myself what this feeling is telling me.
Sometimes it is a warning or an alarm and I figure out if it is really dangerous for me or not.
Often we do not feel good when leaving our comfort zone.
Our brain tells us that we are in danger and need to be protected.
If there is another reason I am not feeling good,
maybe I am angry at something or someone who said something or whatever it is.
I take ownership of the feeling.
I make a NEW choice.
What can I learn?
Why was I triggered?
Where is the truth and the learning for me?
When I ask these questions, I always learn something about me.
Then I decide to stop feeling this negative feeling, because most likely I am wasting my time.
I check in and choose a new a different feeling and I try to feel it.
So when you start this exercise, you need to know it is like going to the gym.
There is no shortcut in training muscles and you have to keep going it to see results.
So when you run into a feeling today, that you do not like then hold your breath for a moment.
Analyze where this feeling comes from and make a conscious choice!
Breathe deeply and shift your emotion!
Now you try to go with your new feeling.
Let me know if this works for you?
Let me know how it works for you?
I’d love to know what changed.
Wishing you a wonderful start into this week with lots of fantastic feelings,


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