November 20

CHOOSE new and better EMOTIONS! 


Hi Gorgeous,

You probably think – W-H-A-T??? No way!

The idea that you are responsible for your emotions was really, really strange too me at first too.
I could not believe that you can actually make a decision and then shift your emotions.

The process is not simple because how your believe system is set up, you probably do not have believes supporting this thinking.

I have learned that what you think actually creates what you feel. If you can manage your thinking, you manage your emotions. When you feel differently you will make different decisions, take a different action and basically have different results.

Sound GREAT, right?

When we are in a state of flow, feeling light and happy we make better choices. We allow and create more abundance in our lives.

NOW, you can create all of what you want. But you need to stand guard at your mind and only allow the thoughts in that are serving you, that make you stronger.

I adopted a believe a while ago that is really serving me.

And I am happy to share this with you, of cause

If you want, adopt it, nurture it and see what happens for you.


Everything that happens, happens for a reason.
Things happen FOR me and not to me.

What does it mean?
Well, I understood that there is a message for me. People around me mirror me and if things don’t work out the way I want them to, then I need to have a deeper look and find my lesson to learn.
I ask myself: Why did I choose to have this experience?

When you go from victim mode ( Live happens to me) to Creator mode ( Live happens for me) then you actually start to create your live. You take responsibility and you start owning your live and calling in the things you want.
You call in things like: the new job, the amazing positive boss, the money you want, the team you want, the clients you want, the environment you want, the relationships you want…. you name it!

Creator mode means you call in and you manifest the live of your dreams.

So Gorgeous: What is holding you back? 

Stop JUST dreaming. Act NOW!



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