September 12

Do you choke when making an offer?


Do you choke when making an offer to your ideal client or when you present one of your ideas?

I mean can you have a great conversation BUT when it comes to the point that you actually need to STEP-UP and make an offer to your client, so you can work together or present your idea because you know it is a great one, you start choking, feeling strange, feeling unwell in your tummy?

I have met so many heart-felt, conscious and driven solopreneurs like coaches, healers and creatives who just get stuck at this point.


The doubts of what you do is worth the money, if that is morally right to actually charge for what that comes so easily to you, you worry about the pushy and sleazy part that the feeling of being sold to.


Here what what you can do to keep your confidence level, to STAY in your POWER and Step-up for you.


Make a list with all the great things your client actually gets when working with you.
What does the transformation look like?
What will your client feel like?
What is your unique offering. (That can be a way you teach, a way you combine knowledge, a special gift you have…) What is it people get when working with you?


Be really clear and specific!
This exercise works for all other areas as well. If you want to present an idea. Why should someone help you to put it into reality? What is so special about your idea? What is the person helping you gaining out of the deal?


Be really, really clear on that. This might take you awhile to get it and to get lots of ways you offer great support. Be very specific!


An example of mine would be:
I help heart-centered, conscious and driven coaches, healers and creatives to feel amazing when selling. To stand in their power and make offers with confidence and then close a sales with ease and grace. Working with me they learn how to see their worth and ask for what they want being able to happily receive it and allowing sales success into their lives so they can bring their products and services into the world where they belong.


What is one yours?
Share in the comments!


I have created a awesome SALES Journaling Prompt for you to change your mindset.


Get them here!

Christine Schlonski


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