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Sell from your Heart with Ease, Grace, Confidence and on Your Terms!

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  • The #1 thing that will makes your customers say YES!
  • Sales P.O.W.E.R. selling being authentic & true to your values
  • Simple tools to use right away to shift into a Sales-Success-Mindset 
  • Let go of your negative emotions around sales with a special technique
  • Access the confidence within
  • Learn to see Sales Opportunities everywhere once you know how to spot them
  • A simple way turn negative emotions into positive action
  • Ask for the sales with confidence
  • Get daily action steps

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  • Learn my proven strategies so you can sell $2,000 packages and up

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Who this is for?

  • ideal for experts, coaches, therapists, healers, light workers, service providers who really want to make a difference
  • entrepreneurs who want more clients and are tired of hearing NO 
  • entrepreneurs who want to start selling high-ticket (at $2,000 and up)
  • entrepreneurs who want to feel more confident when making offers
  • entrepreneurs who can't make themselves make the call
  • entrepreneurs who freeze-up when asking their price

About Christine:

People call me a multi-talented leader in Sales-Mindset, Motivation and Strategies.
With over 12 years experience in successful selling and closing High-Ticket Live Events over the phone in the corporate world, I've experienced all emotions during the sales process. 

I've figured out how to be authentic, true to my values and to actually enjoy the sales process and making millions in revenue. 
I am passionate to support you on your emotional sales journey,  by providing you with the tools and strategies you need to feel amazing and confident when selling.  
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