August 2

Can you see clearly NOW?


Can you see clearly NOW?


I am finally getting it, I think!

I need to ask for what I want!


Well, dahhhh. I have done that in the past but I never really paid close attention to the process of asking.

Ask and you shall be given!


Well the thing is:

YOU need to ask clearly.



You need to know EXACTLY what you want!


There are so many times when we judge our desires. We think that they are not good enough (you should not be wanting something) or they are too big or not worth because we will not get it anyways or we are being outrageous…. and so on. Why do we do that?


Well because we sometimes share our thoughts with the wrong people. We share with people who do not get us. Who might love us, but who are just not getting us, understanding us, seeing us.


There is nothing wrong with your desires. There is nothing wrong with wanting things. There is no wrong or right, good or bad. The only “BAD” thing is if you do not listen to your heart and you wake up on your death bed only to figure out that you did not live your life!


I know sometimes it is soooooo hard to figure out what you truly want. And I get that. I am in that place quite regularly.


The secret is:



ASK for what you want in life!


Take your journal and write it down. Write it down as often as you need to and change it and tweak it UNTIL you have your HELL YES! That or better.


If you are not clear about it you are simply not getting it!


If you ask for a car you might get an Opel. (which can be fine….)


If you ask for a car in a very detailed way: a white Mercedes CLS coupé with vegan leather seats and all the extras 😉 chances are better for the universe to provide exactly that car to you.


Get the feel of it. Write it down and do NOT talk to anybody about it. Don’t waste your time with people who will tell you that you are exaggerating, that you don’t need such a car, that it is too expensive, that insurance it too high, that you will be seen as a show-off or an arrogant person, etc.


Screw these people, in a nice way. They might love you, but they don’t get you and your desires are non of their biz either. Each and everyone is living their own life. You need to do what you need to do and if your heart desires that car, well go and manifest it. Call it into your life.


Do what makes you happy. Sometimes that will take a while. But if you don’t know what you want in the first place, you will just not get it!




Call it in! Write it down, repeat, feel into it and keep believing, have faith that it will come to you in this way, shape or form or much better!


You need to allow yourself to dream. After a while you have trained your dream muscle and you will start to dream bigger and bigger. Just as you dreamed when you where a child and the whole world was yours anyways!


Right now you might not even think that this is possible. BUT it is! (Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt 😉


Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!



Christine Schlonski



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