August 30

You can get what you want! Always!


Maybe you will smile at me while reading this but this is how it works.



You have to dare and you have to be specific in what you want. I mean really, really detailed specific! Don’t leave space that the universe can fill in the blanks. Fill out all the blanks yourself and then ASK!


I did get my coffee this morning and I was so hungry and wanted something sweet so I decided to go for a piece of pastry. They had 3 of the kind I wanted.


Earlier in my life I would not have dared to ask for a specific piece. I would not have asked for the piece that I wanted. I would have ordered and then HOPED that I am getting the right piece that caught my eye and that my heart desired. But I would never have asked for the exact piece. I only would have hoped that the other person picked what I wanted.


OK, I am smiling at myself right now!


This morning I ordered and I added to the name of that pastry that I wanted the piece in the middle, the one that had a deeper brown than the others.


And you know what happened?
Well, I know it’s difficult to GUESS….
I did get EXACTLY this piece I wanted. It was easy; the lady picked it, put it in a bag and handed it to me. DONE!

And what did it do? I enjoyed not only the calories, I enjoyed the triumph that I did get EXACTLY what I had ask for! The nicest looking pastry. HA!


I only want to show you that this APPLIES to all of what you want.
Yesterday night I had a wonderful conversation with a friend of mine and a big part of it was about manifesting and that you always get what you ask for BUT if you are not specific with all the details the thing you get will not be 100% of what you truly desire.


Let’s just say you want to manifest a great vacation and you wish to leave your country for it. If you are not specific to where you want to go, you will just end up somewhere. Maybe in Honduras but in your HEART you wanted to go to Argentina or Poland or the Bahamas. You were just not clear enough, not specific enough.


If you want to manifest a car and you are not clear you can get any car maybe an rusty Opel, or Mitsubishi but you are not getting the Porsche, the BMW or the Mercedes, because you were not specific and if you get it it might not have the color you wanted.


So be careful of what you ask. Don’t fool around with things you do not truly want. Be clear and express yourself. The more you talk about your true desires and the clearer you are the better the chances to get them.


Also I would suggest:
Make sure that you add that your want to receive these things with ease and fun and to your and all other people’s good. So you make sure that you do not need to scarify for getting what you want and you have an amazing journey to your goals.
Life can be easy and fun! Work can be fun and highly compensated. There are no rules that say only when you work hard, when you scarify everything only then you get what you want!

Decided and GO!


Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!


Christine Schlonski


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