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Business, Business


Business, Business


What are you thinking off when you hear or say business? Share in the comments.


The way I was raised the word “business owner” did not feel amazing. It felt that the person having it must automatically have a lot of stress, responsibility and money struggles and was not safe living their life.


Going through school and college I was always and only trained on how to be a good employee.(or I was not able to read between the lines…. who knows)


I remember sitting in one of my lectures and hearing again one of the professors say of how we all will be the elite with this education, of how will all end up with amazingly high-paid jobs and be happy for the rest of our lives.


I can still see me sitting there and calculating my future income. I sat there, calculated and thought of what I would do with all that money.


Sounds or feels familiar?


Reality check!


My first job was one third of my wonderful calculations and I was happy and grateful that I had landed the job since my work experience was more or less zero.


Waking up was not that great. 


Anyway I always knew that I will be freaking amazing if I do something I love and so I advanced and almost doubled my income after 2 years.


Then I started another job. Basically going back to zero on the income but living in a city I love and I had chosen to live in: BERLIN!


Berlin was my first priority and the job my 2nd. Again was able to succeed, because I wanted to, no questions that I would not in my mind. After some years I finally got to my calculated income from college and now exceeded it by far.


On my way I went through a lot of ups and downs. Please don’t believe because you set your mind on something all will just turn out great. I had to grow into the person who was able to have this level of success. I did not start out there. On my way I had lots of unfulfilled and empty feeling moments when everything should have felt great.


But it just freaking DID NOT!


I felt that I was missing something but I did not know what!
I had learned so many things, I had achieved so much and still felt empty inside.
Not all of the time but this feeling that there MUST be MORE was not going away. Instead it was getting stronger and stronger and I could not just ignore it anymore. I felt drained and tired.
So I went on a search.


I would be happy to let you know that it was all sorted within moments, but NO it wasn’t. It took years and in these years I became a Coach and an E.F.T. (Tapping) Practitioner, I learned new ways of thinking, feeling seeing the world.


Starting the coach training was amazing. It felt like I found a secret energy switch!
I rediscovered a passion that I had buried deep down inside of me because I felt it was not serving me on my way to the top of the corporate world.


Flicking that switch was amazing and all of a sudden I was in business. I was in my OWN coaching business.
At the beginning I did not really know what to do. I did not get that I could create, that I could trust my intuition. I was looking for rules and how things should be done and it did take a couple of years to throw that believe system over board and finally, finally:




Stand in my power; listen to what is already INSIDE of me. The results for my clients were getting amazingly awesome, I could feel an enormous power raising from my gut into my heart and head, maybe a bit of a wonder-woman-feeling 


I had tapped into me! Just ME! That was the WHOLE SECRET!

Being me!


WOW! What a freaking journey only to find this out. And NOW I create, I decided, I work on myself, I level-up and step-up and I help my tribe to do the same.


Being an entrepreneur is FUN. It is exciting, you get to create. You can use your gifts, your uniqueness. It is amazing. There is only stress if you decide to, you can create all the money in the world and there is so much more about freedom, independence, passion, love, joy, bliss. We chose! The more we are allowing ourselves to be us and to share our gifts and to only serve soulmate clients the better and the more successful will we be.
No matter where you are in your life, please start being YOU! Even if you do not want to have your own business, in your job things will get better, a huge pressure will be lifted off your shoulders.


Being you is what you will do best anyway. We all will have fears, doubts, attachments, questions of worthiness and the will not ago way. We have to push through this illusion. This is a constant process to work on.




If you have a business, I am happy to give you my Sales Journaling Prompts because without customers – no business. So you need to make sales in order to survive and have fun and if you want to create the lifestyle of your dreams.


If sales is not your thing and you are fearful or scared, shift your mindset. These prompts are created to help you do that.


Christine’s Sale Journaling Prompts


Enjoy and have fun on your journey!



Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!


Christine Schlonski


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