Build it and they’ll come… 

Build it and they’ll come…
True or False?

Hi Gorgeous,

Have you set out to make your dream come true? Are you already doing what you love 💞 but somehow people don’t show up to shower you with compliments and money?

First of all, congratulations if you are already doing what you love! 🙌

That itself is amazing. Unfortunately, you belong to the circle of only a few. Only a tiny percentage of all people actually know what they want and go for it.

Most of the people know what they should want or be and follow other peoples dreams. If you ask them what they want they cannot tell you. In the best-case scenario, they can tell you what the don’t want.

Following your own heart can be quite scary and intimidating. On the other hand, if you are not living your dream what are you living for?

I started to question my path when I figured out that after taking on my first job and making a good career in a short time that I was not happy. I felt trapped. I knew there was more but I did not know what it was or how to get it. Therefore, I thought it was the location that I was in at the time. I thought if I can choose, I will move to Berlin, the “big apple” of Germany and there I will be happy.

So I got myself a new job, had to learn new skills that I had never ever thought I would be studying in my entire life ( sales Gorgeous, I went into cold-calling of the phone…) and I moved from the Black Forest to a big exciting city – Berlin.

It was not that I did not like the Black Forest; I was only that I had “stranded” there for my studies and that was not easy moving directly from Paris/ France to a tiny town to the South of Germany and to get focused and study for 3 years with practically no chance to enjoy a big city.

But on the other hand, I felt that I had “lost” a couple of years by living abroad in the USA and France and that to fit the workspace and have a great career I needed to study and get a job asap and I did not want to waste time.

Well, little did I know…

After starting my job in Berlin it just happens that I felt trapped again. 🤨 I felt I was fighting against something that I could not see. Some invisible force that kept me going but did not give me freedom in a way that I thought success would give me.

In my new job, I worked really, really hard. I remember finishing my first year in high-ticket event sales over the phone with no repeating customer and with 10K more in revenue than my team leader having had only 9-months time to accomplish the goal while he had 12 and repeat business.

I still remember how excited and proud I was when my name on the sales board moved up to the 3rd place. What a moment.

So year, after year I hustled and I advanced and I finally made it to Sales Director in only 7 short years.
Well, what a success, right?

From the outside I agree but from the inside?
Well, after I understood that still there was no freedom as I had imagined it and that my impact still was very small to what I thought it would be arriving at this destination I needed to find a way to create my rules and my life the way I wanted it…
I needed to find my freedom or I was going to be burned out.

So I started building. I decided that I wanted to use the coach training I went through and that I had studied on the side. I wanted to make it a fulltime gig. I was highly motivated and I started building, coming up with workshops, inviting people to buy my services but –

ZERO! Was the dollar amount.

I felt like I did not belong, I felt like I was failing, I felt like I did not have the secret sauce so I immersed myself into learning and studying.

After having spent all the money, I had and a bit more it clicked. Finally! I felt so behind. Should I not know how sales works,
having sold millions in my job? Should I not just show up and get results?

Well, the truth is: There is NO build it and they’ll come!
You have to invite every single person and when you have invited the right people for the right product or service then you can build it.


Because they’ll only pay you when they see the value and they see the value when you offer something they truly want and need.

I was so grateful that I failed so fast in my business when I started out and that I had the resources from my job that could help me pay for the investments that were not so wise.

I learned that I, first of all, need total clarity, that I need to know where to take people so they can have clarity and with that attract their ideal client. (I actually call the ideal clients – soulmates – here is a whole podcast episode I did about this topic for you:

Only from that space of total clarity, you have a business foundation to build up-on. From this space, your soulmate client is going to hear you, is going to interact with you and will be following you.

So don’t just build and trust that they come, it probably will not work. Find out what they need and want, sell it and then build it.

With my clients, I help them see. I help them see their potential, I help them get clear about their passions and how to integrate multiple passions in one business so it is fun and works.
It can all be done, you can follow your heart and life your dreams.

For me becoming an entrepreneur was the scariest decision I ever made. Being on this path is not always easy. There are ups and downs but if I am totally honest – there are ups and down always since this is life. All the people I know complain about their jobs and their circumstances in some way, shape or form.

Why not follow your own path and work on the things you could complain about by turning these into opportunities to grow.

When you are starting out they will not come. But when they see that you are living your dreams. When they feel that you are the real deal, that you are authentic and true they will be intrigued and they will show up and at some point will ask you how you have done it so you can show them.

So Gorgeous, what are you waiting for?
Which life do you want to live?

Stop JUST dreaming. Act NOW!


PS: Intrigued by the new idea of your life. Are you feeling the excitement rising-up in your body when you just think about how it could be? Why wait? Why don’t you start by saying yes to yourself? By committing to your new dreams.

Are you interested in monetizing these dreams? Are you interested in inspiring others with your story? Are you looking to be an influencer who is true and authentic, serve a lot and make a lot of money to pay for your dreams?

If you are saying yes to yourself while reading, let us have a conversation and let us see how I can be of support on your journey.

There are two options right now:
1.) The 1:1 mentoring and deep dive with me. Building your business from “scratch” or taking it up to the next level in case you feel stuck by getting clarity, creating a structure and a way for your soulmate clients to say YES to you, your services and products at your price. (Even if you are working with an MLM company right now, there are unique ways you can create your offer with your pricing)


2.) The V.I.P. Day Experience where we work very closely in person or virtual. This day is for entrepreneurs who feel stuck and cannot figure out where the issue lies.
I will have a look at your business model, your services, your packaging and pricing, your mindset blocks and I will co-create a path with you that you can execute to get results fast. You can pick my brain that has created many sales strategies for teams and companies all over the world.

Please know that either option is not for everyone. This is only for Soulmate clients. The stuff I teach is so powerful that I will and need to make sure that only the right, heart-centered people receive my advice and strategies to do good in the world by building a business and life of their dreams.
If you are ready to take action, invest time and money and really get rockstar results you can click here:

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