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Loved the Sales Mentality Makeover Masterclass. It blew my mind and exceeded my expectations. The speakers poured their wisdom into the week, and I had to keep pausing and rewinding the conversations to write down their advice and counsel. I recommend this for anyone who's starting their business or needs a recharge. I'm grateful to Christine for this opportunity. 
The genuine caring of the speakers towards the participants was the most beautiful aspect of the masterclass. Everyone led from the heart, spoke from the heart, and spoke to my heart.

Manuel Martinez 

Relentless Leadership LLC

The Sale Mentality Makeover Mastery Class was a Cosmic Experience for me. I continuously experienced electrifying & creative realizations of "I can do this; I got this; I need this; I want this, Etc." The presenters were energizing, inspiring, instructive, & comprehensible in their deliveries. The information & material were insightful, innovative, applicable, & result oriented. Case in point, after applying various techniques & strategies acquired during the Masterclasses, the attendance at my next Zoom session increased by 37%.This is statistically significant! The attendees also chose to stay & remain engaged, in the session, even after being advised that the session was transitioning to a "product oriented platform". This was primarily do to applying a few of the methodologies from the Masterclasses. For me this was COMSIC! 

Malika Owusu-Hassan

The Enrichment Zone

I highly recommend this sales training to jump start your mindset and learn to better connect with your clients delivering a better customer experience. I took lots of notes, put tactics into action right away and got immediate results. I ended up purchasing the all access VIP so I can regular refer back and continue to depend my sales skills. There is enough great content and exercises to dig into for months and I love the idea of going back to listen to the speakers when I need a sales mindset boost or reboot! Thank you to Christine and all the speakers for sharing your gifts and inspiring me to share mine too. Selling from the Heart is who I am and who I have always been. This masterclass validated what I have been doing right and gave me more skills to add to my toolbox.

Ginger Setser

Effective Marketing Solutions, Inc.

These classes WILL change your life, they will help you overcome your fears around selling and help you to see that you can sell simply by being yourself. Christine is an awesome host and clearly was very intentional with each of the speakers she chose to be a part of this Masterclass. I was so pleased to be catching the replay because I was able to keep hitting pause so that I could take notes :-) I literally have so many notes and I intend to sit down with those notes and implement what I learned. This Masterclass - it is worth EVERY PENNY

Michelle Edwards 

Brand New Business Start up - this Master Class inspired me to sit down and decide the direction I want to go!

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