July 28

You have to become the person to match that what you most desire


You have to become the person to match that what you most desire. Wow. How do you do that?

How can you already be the person who matches their deepest desires?

How will that work if you just have not reached your goal yet?

How will you know what it feels like to be the person who has achieved their goals?

Good questions, right?

The more I follow this strategy the more I get it.

The principle is pretty simple. That does not mean it is easy.

So here we go at the example of a relationship. I think most of us can relate and we have all experienced this in some way, shape or form.

In an intimate relationship we want to be loved, right?

And so many relationships end because we cannot feel this love long term after the biochemical effects have worn off and we are down to the core of a relationship, where we actually talk love and connection at the deepest core and mean more than just sex.

Do you remember a relationship where you needed to have that validation?

Where you needed to have the bullet proof that you are loved? That you are worthy? That you are enough?

Where you told yourself stories like: well he has not called today so maybe something is wrong? He has not done the dishes as promised so maybe he just doesn’t care about me anymore? He has not come home with flowers for such a long time, maybe he does not love me anymore…..

And over time we find more and more reasons to WHY this whole thing called relationship/love is not working.

Instead of finding all reasons to why it can and will work. And we forget all the reasons why we were attracted to the person in the first place and all the strength and wonderful things we have noticed about them to start the whole thing off.

And then we chicken out when times get difficult or we are starting the blame game.

That does of cause not mean stay in a toxic relationship! But do not run off, learn your lesson. If you keep running off, you keep finding yourself in the same situation just with a different partner until you finally learn your lesson!

So here is the truth! It all starts with YOU!

How do I know? Well I started dating this wonderful man I am still with 17 years ago. So long time with lots and lots of ups and downs. To be totally transparent there is a little down right now. Right now it seems to be difficult to get into sync. Both of us have such different lives at the moment that the short time we see and speak each day is not always enough to listen, to feel, to understand. Which is fine, because I know we will change this! I know we are made for each other and I know we have been there before and we will find a way to sort out things. There is no way to get bothered with the day to day stuff since we are committed to make this work. And each of us knows it starts with each of us. We have to sort out our own shit first.

The most important issue is that I know that I am enough, that I know that I am loved. Why? Because I can give this to me first. I love and accept myself first. How can I love and accept others if I can’t do it for myself? Also I know that I create my reality and that I give myself first what I want and need.

If you can love and accept yourself first, then the other person is a nice addition to your party but you do not depend on them to show up.

If you want to fall in love, fall in love with yourself first so you can become the vibrational match. If you want to be loved, be LOVE.

Love is like sales and sales is like love. If you are needy, you don’t get it. If you are abundance and have plenty yourself you attract more.

Get yourself into a strong and abundant state. Show the university that all is fine as it is. That takes a lot of pressure off of you, gives you inner peace and balance. Give yourself the validation you want and need. The rest of the world will follow your leading example.

When you manage this part, then you do not need to put conditions onto your relationships. Because all is fine already! So if you do not get the call you wanted and expected, you can just ask for it or make the call yourself. Communication becomes easier if you manage to express your deepest desires clearly so the other person has the change to hear you.

I know for me that I always want my husband to read my mind. That is just the romantic part that I am seeking, probably like so many other woman. That is what we see in fairytales. That is what prince charming does and we want it as well. You know what? It does not always work. So move to the next best move or strategy and ask. Express clearly what you want and be fine with it if you do not get it. Let go of the outcome.

I have done it over and over again and most of the time it does not work with the mindreading. Mostly that leads to frustration.  So stop this behavior.

Like this example. Honey my glass is empty, evokes: Can’t you just say what you want? Do you have to make it that difficult? Just tell me to fill your glass!

Well, yeh. I guess I could just ask to please refill my glass.

So where are you in your relationships, in your life?

Are you able to give you first what you desire?

Are you able to ask for help and support?

Are you able to love and accept yourself as you are right now?

Are you willing to grow into the person who has it all?

Remember it all start with YOU. When you can stop to but conditions on each an everything like: when he does…..he loves me. When I get the pay raise….I will be acknowledged…The more expensive stuff he gives me….the deeper his love for me….

Get honest with yourself! There is NOTHING you need that you can’t give yourself. When you step into that power than you will have everything you every wanted, everything you ever needed. And each interaction with each person will be easy, effortless and in flow. The will be attracted to you and your power.

So unleash! Unleash your beauty and be the Masterpiece you were born!

Giving yourself the freedom of being who you want to be you will automatically attack the right people into your life.

Get started.

Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!




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