May 16



Hi Gorgeous,

I went Kayaking with a friend the other day in one of those transparent kayaks with Austin Stoner as our guide from

What an amazing experience.

You know… I am NOT new to boots but it was super interesting to experience what I needed to do and put in to go against the current.

Paddling upstream I had to put quite some effort into moving forward and working my way up stream.

My team and I (on the day) made the effort for the morning tour and it was a beautiful day. Not too hot, not too cold. The nature was breathtaking, the abundance in nature, the clear water (only 45 minutes old coming out of the ground) just wow.

Imagine the number of blogs I would write just from the experience alone. MANY. lol.

Today though I want to share the upstream and downstream experience.
On the way upstream I told myself, we’ll keep it up, have fun as much as you can, put the effort in and use your muscles- they are already there. All will be super easy going back and all of what I see is so worth it.

You know what I found out?

Going back was not that much easier!


Because I worked way to much! I put way to much effort in trying to paddle like I did going up stream.
I had conditioned myself to paddle hard to move forward AGAINST the current.
It took me quite a while to allow myself to let go, to allow the stream to guide me and to only correct the boot when needed to.

I struggled with that boot and I thought to myself:
How interesting?
Why would I prefer it to be hard?
Why do I have difficulties allowing the stream to carry me and to let go of the control and just to fall into the rhythm?

Then I thought about life and how difficult we make it so often. I thought about all the hard work we put into things because we have this need to control and we do not trust enough.

What would happen if you knew you are already going down stream?
You do not need to fight, to push to hustle- you only need to allow yourself to go with the flow and to make a few correction here and there so you don’t get stuck in the bushes at the river bank.

How about if we actually trusted? How about you screw the HOW and go with to flow and expect miracles?

Wouldn’t live be so much better?
Wouldn’t the quality of all we do improve?

I am not talking about not caring, about not setting intentions, about not having clarity.


… about allowing the flow to come in and carry you. About you flowing with life and only course correct so you can enjoy the beauty, you can be present and in the moment you can look up, instead of looking down and at the paddle and missing the beauty of the scenery.

Would you try?

Stop JUST dreaming. Act NOW!


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Going with the flow by shifting into a Sales-Success-Mindset. I would love to support you on your journey and be your guide, just like Austin Stoner guide us on his tour, gave us space to experiment the boot, showed us the most beautiful spots.

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