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Anything you want to do in your LIFE with Excellence needs NURTURING over and over again


Anything you want to do in your LIFE with Excellence needs NURTURING over and over again


Have you ever noticed the more you practice something, the more you nurture that something, the better you become at that something?


The better you become at that something the more fun it is for you?


I am sure any of you who have learned an instrument you’ve experienced this. And if you have talent you practice to become amazingly outstanding so you kept at it.


@TonyRobbins (one of my favorite coaches) always says: “Repetition is the mother of all skills.”

I so agree.


If you do any kind of sport you will know this.

If you are good in your career you know this.

If you ever learn another language you know this.

If you know how to walk you know this (even if you probably can’t remember the process 🙂 )


I have so often started to learn something new and at the beginning it was intimidating. Others along that road were so much better. So much more skilled. And I felt out of place, uncomfortable in my skin (not always but often).


When my WHY was big enough and I really, really wanted it, I found a way. I found a way to get over my fears, I found a way to practice and found a way to improve…. And then one day I started noticing that while others were looking up to me. Something that seem so hard at the beginning with so much work had become easy and fun.


The difference?




One of my favorite examples is my career in selling High-tickets over the phone. When I started my job over 11 years ago I did not have any sales experience whatsoever. BUT I really, really wanted to work for that company and wanted to live in Berlin. So in this case 1+1 made 10!


I took the sales job. I moved 800 km (~500 miles) to my favorite city. Only having faith that I will succeed, that I will make it happen! No matter what!


At the beginning I was listening to my colleagues and I was just wowed. They were so flexible in their words, they seemed to always know what to say, they knew the product so well, the were so spontaneous and elegant in the way they expressed themselves and so calm when a client actually said: I am in!


What a learning curve for me. I was not sure if I would ever get there. Sometimes I was still thinking about a conversation that had taken place 30 minutes ago and I still was not sure what the best answer would have been or if I really had gotten the pain point of the person I talked to. And I was not sure why this person did not want my awesome product.


So what did I do?


Well, I did the work! I showed up every day. I talked to strangers every single day between 2-3 hrs. I had goals and I wanted my YES.


Till today I probably had thousands of NOs.

But I am still going because I had hundreds of Yes.


And one day I noticed that my new staff was looking at me like I used to look at the experienced colleagues when I started my job with awe and admiration of handling the art of a great sales conversation.


How did this came about?

Well do the math!

A minimum of 2 hrs practice a day for let’s say 5 years with 220 working days: Makes 2.2 hrs of practice. Of trial and error, of training, of getting better, of learning to listen, to feel, to understand, to get the market, to see behind the scenes.


Well, I guess you can get the idea.


Studies say that you really need 10 hours of practice to be the master of the game.  So I still have some hours to go since I am “only” at ~ 5 hours. approximately. Which made me darn good so far 🙂 but there is always still a learning.


So get started.

Get started to learn something new and give this time to grow. Don’t start, say it does not work after a few days, weeks or months.


Immerse yourself into your thing.

Learning French or English was like that for me. I immersed myself into the environment. I moved to the US for a year and later to Paris. I learned, I observed, I wanted to belong to these cultures, to understand, to feel- only when you know the language you get an idea about the people and the culture. And that is where the fun starts.


So instead of running from one thing to another… master something.


Never ever give up!


There is always a way to make your dreams come true.


Go for your dreams and take the action that needs to be taken to turn them into reality.


Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!






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