July 15

Allowing myself to go with the FLOW!


I am sitting at Starbucks in Sedona, cause the highly recommended Chocolate Tree only opens at 11am on Wednesdays.

So again for today I go with the flow! I feel what is aligned and I just do it and it feels amazing.
I got up at 5:30 am this morning totally charged, feeling happy and looking forward to another amazing day.

My plan was to go meditate and journal at the Stupa, but I was committed to go with the flow, do what is aligned and allow space of spontaneity. To allow things to happen and when you do this magic happens.

So before going to the Stupa I decided on my way already to go the the airport. I had overheard in a conversation that they have the best view all over town.

I didn’t have a clue, my navigation was not on, I followed my intuition.
And the reward was amazing. I found a place on the top of a mountain overlooking the city. The sun was raising an kissing each and every mountain. She embraced the mountains and they showed off in all their beauty. Yellow, orange, red stones. The veil of the rainy night before lifted slowly and each and every sun beam was so define. I had a short mediation and enjoyed the view so much.

Feelings of peace, inner knowing, happiness, bliss, being this tiny little part of this amazing beautiful world where I get to choose. I get to choose my reality.

The more I understand that, the more I am in awe. Why are we not tough this stuff in school?

Why is there no class teaching us feelings? How to tune in? How to allow? How to let go?
How to open your heart?

We are all one. No matter where we are from, how we look, what material status we have. It is getting more and more clear that so many people break trough their believes and start to live their truth, leave a life that was called successful by society to embark on the biggest adventure ever!

Finding out who you really, really are to live your truth!

I was fortunate to meet someone this morning and had an amazing conversation. I ended up showing him the Stupa and it turns out he has a Buddhist background.

Buddha wanted us to understand that we just ARE. That the moment just IS. That we do not need any attachments and cravings that we have it all inside. (That is my interpretation of the conversation)

Buddhism is a philosophy, not a religion. That is what I like about Buddhism. There is no bad or good, no wrong or right in it’s purist form.

And it all comes down how you feel. In each and every moment and if you listen to you and if you life your truth.

Maybe that is why I am so passionate to help female, help heart-centered, driven entrepreneurs, coaches, leaders and creatives to bring out their talents and gifts into this world and feel amazing when making offers to their ideal clients and actually closing a SALES with ease and grace in total alignment with their head and their heart. I can see all the power and gifts which get stuck when they do not shine their light. I can see how they feel if they can’t make the sales they want to and making the money they desire. If they do not allow themselves to receive the money they secretly long for to make their life better.

So where are you on your journey Gorgeous?
Did you just discover that the definition of Success given by society is not your cup of tea, because you have it all and you are still empty inside?

I can ask you so directly, cause I have been there. I have felt it.

The good news, where ever you are, you can make a NEW CHOICE!

Each and every SINGLE MOMENT you can decide!

Go for your dreams! Go for your dream job or dream business! Go for it!

Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!


If you need help, lets chat. Send me a PM for a free strategy session and I will show you where you can go!


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