July 27

After the rain there is sunshine again…


After the rain there is sunshine again. It rained non-stop for 2 days here in Germany. Since I have gotten off the airplane in Berlin the rain was on. I do love rain from time to time but for sure I love the sunshine.

Sunshine seems to make life easier. It feels different. It feels more empowering. The power of the sunrays is so beautiful and yet we need the rain and the power of the rain as well.

With rain things get clear and pure. Things get washed and clear again. Nature needs it. And rain is a quite force that brings out so much beauty.

It is the same in our life.

Have you ever had a moment in your adult life where you did allow yourself to cry totally out of control? Have you ever experienced the power of tears? The feeing and healing feeling of letting go all this trapped energy that was in your body.

We as human need the sunshine AND the rain. We need that inner balance. We need to be able to let go.

And yet we teach our children and ourselves that crying is something you just don’t do. You are not supposed to cry. You are not supposed to show your weakness.

What happens is that you are wearing a mask. And it is not healthy for you to do that. Being able to heal and let go is the way to inner peace and freedom.

I remember about 4 years ago I had the biggest and hardest cry in my life ever. It was not because I lost a dear person in my life, I had been there before. I had a coaching session and I was willing to let go of something that I had taken on and that put a lot of pressure and resentment onto me. I was willing to learn my lesson and move on.

I remember that I could not stop crying for the whole 2 hours of the session. My head already felt empty and hurt but I still needed to shed some more tears.

After the session I was totally exhausted. My head hurt and was empty, my eyes were dried out and my sinuses felt numb. I myself felt an enormous power rising in me.

A power of healing.

A power of letting go.

A power of being in my power.

A power to forgive myself.

A power to take only my responsibility and

a power to let go and not worry about being responsible for someone else.

What a process.

So much healing in such a short period of time.

What do I want to tell you?

Let go of what is NOT serving you. Make space energetically for the sunshine in your life.

Even if you have to go through a period of rain.

The more space you have the brighter you can shine!

It is like de-cluttering, only from an energetically standpoint.

Find a safe space for you and know that it is totally OK to show your emotions. That is what makes you a human. That is part of your experience here on earth.

Know that after the rain there will be sunshine again even if you can’t see it right now.

When looking out of the window I see the morning sun shine and I can still see all the water of the last 2 days on the meadows. What a beautiful view with great reflections of the sun in the puddles. It looks so peaceful.

So don’t forget:

Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW.




I created a great meditation, you can get it here:



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