July 9

Act from a place of JOY to allow Abundance in your life


Hi Gorgeous,

Today I have chosen the quote “Life is like a box of chocolate, you’ll never know what you gonna get” – Winston Groom.

Have you seen the amazing movie “Forrest Gump” with Tom Hanks playing Forrest? You probably have.

Forrest (Tom Hanks) magically attracts all this abundance in his life by being clueless but happy and full of JOY. He ends up in a beautiful home, tapping into genius business ideas by just taking opportunities in the moment not knowing what’s in it for him, making a lot of money with “apples”, running around the world and inspiring thousands of people without saying a word. He follows his heart and does what feels right to him and for him. He lives in a place of Joy and wonder most of the time. He even ends up getting his girl even though his is not the smartest and following his heart.

What a story, right?
Well, have you ever felt that you might over-think things? I know I’ve been stuck in my head often. When you are in these moments Gorgeous you are killing your own vibe and with that the opportunity to expand.

Have you ever noticed that when you drop into your heart and you allow flow and faith and trust to partner up with you that things just magically happen because you started to feel better, you started to feel amazing. When you feel amazing you change your vibe. Your frequency becomes a higher one and you can call in of what is already at that frequency.

Let’s see how this looks like for your business and for your capability to attract, let’s say, amazing, soulmate clients:

What are you attracting?
If you are looking for more amazing clients you can call them in. One of my clients Cindy chose me as a coach because of my vibe. She says: “I choose my mentors by their vibration and how I align with them in energy.” – you can check out the whole testimonial at: https://christineschlonski.com/previewtrue/praise/

Now Cindy is an amazing woman with exceptional gifts and I am super honored to work with her. But if I would not have worked on my energy I would not have called her in.

What are you doing to work on your energy?
On raising your vibe?
On feeling amazing as often as you can?

Here are 3 things I do that support me every day and I want to share them here that you can be supported more and cr4eate more and feel amazing more often. You can copy paste if you want and get results.

1. I move my body. Yes I try to have some kind of daily workout. It can be a small workout but there needs to be a workout. At the moment I am walking for about 1 hour each morning. I get up, I get into my gym clothes, take my drinking water, put in my ear plugs with some inspirational audios or trainings or amazing audio books and off I go. It always feels so good when I have done the workout. I am super proud of myself for the first achievement of my day. It is a great start into my day and I already feel accomplished and have not even turned on my PC.
2. I journal. I tune into the reality I want to have. I write down what is bothering me and how I want to feel instead. I plan my amazing future in my head with my heart leading the way. I make it real on paper. Because first there needs to be the thought and then you can manifest it into the physical world.
3. I give gratitude. Gratitude for what already is right now.

What is already in your life that you are happy with, proud of? I know it might not all be all perfect but you gotta start somewhere right!
So for example: If you want to be financially free and independent to have all the time freedom in the world what would that look like for you?
I imagine that a person who is financially free and independent can create their day and can schedule whatever they want to do on their own terms as one element of being free. So right now you can have a look and choose what you would love to do. For me, I decided to go for the walks in the mornings, I can decide to have a second coffee and enjoy the sun in my face when I sit outside while having my coffee, while writing into my journal.
I create. This feels so amazingly abundant for me and while writing this for you I can feel my own vibe lifting up.

Coming from this high vibe place I take inspired action.

I stay in my heart and I know that I will have different results because I am creating from high vibe and abundance. I allow the amazing chocolates in my life and by adoring them, by eating them with joy, by being in a state of bliss, I call in more.

What are you doing today to have the best chocolates from that box?

Stop JUST dreaming. Act NOW!


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