December 14



Are you resisting and settling for less?

Hi Gorgeous,

Let’s transform you.

HOW? -Achieve more.-Be more. -Have more…

Do you really want it?

The ONE thing that drives me, Gorgeous, is myself. I love learning. I don’t settle. I don’t say YES to things anymore that aren’t a “Hell Yes” for me.

So, why are you settling?

You STOP growing.
You STAY in your comfort zone.
When you don’t GROW nothing changes!

There is NO excitement.
There is NO new fears.
There is NO motivation, nothing to push you.
IT get so very boring over time.

It’s the same ol’ story, again AND again AND again.

You are DYING inside.
You are CAVING.
You want OUT!


And you know what?
You’re not READY.

I never felt ready to settle and to get comfortable. I felt that I have too much to do! That I have too many awesome things to experience and that I am too curious anyway! I have a hunger for life! I know I was born for more. ( and so are you, Gorgeous!)

Do you feel it? Are you born for more? Are you born to live a life on your terms? To live the life of your dreams?

I love experiencing awesome things, like learning, connecting and being surrounded by like minded people on a soul level, creating value, giving value. And empowering others on their journey, doing my share of healing the planet, protecting nature…. All that makes me DESIRE more, increasing my having level.

It’s possible for you too!

** To be able to go onto this journey you first MUST accept what is! **

Above is the secret sauce ^^

I know you might not be where you want to be! I get it!
I am most of the time not where I want to be because I raise my standards, I strive for better.

To be able to do that you have to accept what is because that is your starting point. You have to take responsibility that all your decisions have to add up to the place where you are right now- Like it or not! That is the truth, the faster you accept this fact the the faster you can make changes because then you are


It is you. It ALWAYS is you!

It is NOT your parents,
your partner,
your sisters or brothers,
your boss,
the society you live in,
the government in your country….

it is YOU!

OK, then move on!
Now that you know where your Starting Point is, right now, right here you can move forward.

The best question to ask yourself now is:

>>> What would my next level-version do right now? (The version of you who has reached the destination where you want to go today) <<<

What is your answer?
How would she be?
What would she think?
How would she spend her time?
With whom would she spend time?

Once you have a clear picture, you know what to do .


Stop JUST dreaming. Act NOW!


To support you here are amazing Journaling Prompts for a stronger Mindset. I have created them for you because they helped me and I am using them in my daily journaling. I would love to support and empower you. Get the free download here!


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